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Learn about 5 Amazing Housewarming Ceremony Ideas that you can try at your new home. 4th idea is worth a try.

Your next housewarming party might just be your most memorable with these fantastic housewarming ideas. Moving to a new home is an exciting period in one’s life that holds the promise of endless possibilities. You’ve put in all that hard work whi...

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Five benefits of investing in real estate Bangalore | Assetz

Bangalore, the largest city in Karnataka, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. The emergence and expansion of the IT industry in Bangalore mean that the city has seen rapid economic growth. With the rapid growth of the city, people fr...

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7 bedroom ideas for small rooms | Make the most of your space

Stepping into a new home is almost like a new era, with many new memories waiting to be formed and cherished for the years to come. However, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done too to make your dream home look perfect. And probably the most...

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Reasons to Build a Modern Modular Kitchen

Cooking is an art, and art needs inspiration. While the various cooking videos or food blogs can bring you creative ideas, your kitchen plays a crucial role in motivating you to bring the best to the table. This is exactly why investing in a modern m...

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Why Studio Flat Is A Good Investment In 2021?

The cities become busier, spaces become smaller, therefore investments have to be smarter. While every person tries to find a space to fit their needs in their fast-paced lives, 2 or 3 BHK apartments have become expensive and excessive as well. This ...

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Ergonomic Design In Homes Post Pandemic

Ergonomics is a science-based discipline that relates to the placement and designing of products or furniture to enable utmost comfort, safety and increased productivity or performance in people. Of course, the term ‘Ergonomics’ became wildly pop...