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KIDS ROOM DESIGN IDEAS- How To Design Your Child’s Room

Your kid’s imagination, possibilities, and dreams unfold within the space of their room. When their mind is boundless, we need to ensure that their space is designed to help them grow.  Designing a child’s room requires a lot of versatility ...

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Easy Vastu tips you can follow to bring positivity to your home

According to Vastu Shastra, a home that emanates the right kind of energy is important for the health and happiness of its residents. Vastu Shastra is an advanced traditional science that acts as a guide to help us make our homes positive and welcomi...

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Balcony designs for apartments that’ll charm all guests

Everybody enjoys a breath of fresh air. Picture this- A hot cup of tea or coffee, comfortable seating arrangement, and a fantastic view from your balcony. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Balconies may seem like a small space, but they can soon become y...

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Best Luxury Homes and Apartments in South Bangalore | 2021

Bangalore is a beautiful garden city that welcomes every person with open arms. Being one of the most important cities for educational, and career-related opportunities, Bangalore is touted as the Silicon Valley of India.  While Bangalore offers...

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Emerging Trends in the Bangalore Real Estate Market [2021]

The recent COVID-19 pandemic that struck has shown the importance of investing in houses and real estate. According to Business  Industry experts, humongous growth and opportunity in the real estate market are predicted to be worth $1 trillion b...

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Best Properties in North Bangalore To Invest In | 2021 Guide

It is a known fact that investing in a property adds tremendous value and prosperity within a short span of time. Before buying a new home, you need to do your research and understand the best properties within your preferred locality, and make an in...