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Small Space, Big Impact: Small Home Office Ideas

Even as the world resolutely returned to a new definition of normalcy, there’s no doubt that the pandemic brought about a considerable shift in the way we work and function. While some people returned to the office, many had the flexibility and...

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BDA Property Tax Explained

Living in Bangalore is a dream for many because of its ambient weather and Instagram- worthy places. But do you know what is property tax in this mesmerising city? If you own a residential or commercial property or are looking to purchase one in Bang...

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Introduction to Smart Home Design

Top Smart Home Design Ideas You Should Look To Integrate Smart home design is the integration of technology into the design of a home and one’s lifestyle to create a more convenient, efficient, and comfortable living space. Smart home solutions use...

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What is the Power of Attorney in India?

Purchasing a property is quite a lengthy  process. Besides  knowing the elaborate process involved in purchasing  and registering a property, it is also essential to keep in mind the documents required. One of the essential documents n...

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Top Minimalist Living Room Ideas for an Aesthetic Look

The minimalist design approach continues to gain popularity as one of the most preferred interior designs. So, what is minimalist design? A minimalist design circles around utilising only the utmost essentials and eliminating excess use of objects. A...

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All About Property Registration Charges in Bangalore

Getting a property in Bangalore is one of the most gratifying experiences. When you purchase a property, it is essential to be aware of numerous things like property value, resources, connectivity, the reputation of the sellers, property registration...