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Sustainable goals in 5 key areas

Resolutions can help us improve and work towards personal goals we set for ourselves. But it’s important to include sustainable goals that include the world around us, reminding us to strive for our collective betterment. After all, change begins w...

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Top ways to conserve energy at home

Homeowners know better than most that saving energy also saves money. While there are a lot of big steps you can take to help the environment, like starting a waste management system in your building, there are also smaller steps you can start implem...

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Complete guide on housing loan insurance

Everyone dreams of owning their own home someday. People purchase properties for various reasons, most often for their families, or for investment purposes. But buying a house entails a lot of financial decision making and can become a confusing affa...

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Best Eco-friendly home decor ideas | Assetz Property

It’s the month of joy, happiness, and celebration! But as the year comes to a close, it’s important to remember that this year, we saw a lot more dialogue and conversation happening around the topic of the environment, and the way our consumption...

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A guide to preventing indoor air pollution

Modern homes have numerous sources of indoor air pollution. Today, along with the rise in the demand for energy-efficient homes, the demand for less airtight homes, with adequate sources of ventilation is also increasing. This is primarily because ai...

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The history of row houses: Decoded

For most 90s kids, their first tryst with row houses would have to be through the popular TV show ‘Full House’. Remember that iconic opening sequence where the camera opens to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco before it pans to the city’s...