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Importance of natural lighting and ventilation at home

Sunlight and the benefits from it are both available in abundance. Basking in the warm sun is not just great for gorgeous “sunkissed” Instagram pictures but your overall well-being as well. We require natural lighting like the plants that require...

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Best Plotted Development | ATMOS & AURA – Blog – Home Living

Investment is a wise allocation of finances that you can perennially reap benefits from over the years. With finite resources, the land becomes one of the most valuable investments.  Among urban investors, while many would choose to acquire an a...

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Living Sensibilities- Smart living in 2021

A life that is enhanced by smart design, supported by sound innovations and inspired by the wise use of space. The Assetz Living Sensibilities series of blogs present you with tips, information and views to take your way of living to the next level. ...

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Trending Now: Smaller Homes in 2021

Are the millennials’ minimalist preferences influencing housing trends? Millennials, known for spending more on experiences than on material things, seem to have a naturally strong pull towards the ‘lifestyle of less’. The trend of owning just ...

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Insurance guide to protect your home from property damage

Owning a house is a huge milestone for most of the people. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to choose the perfect home for you and your family. That is why protecting your home at all costs is paramount. Property damage through fire, water, b...

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Design Ideas for your Kids’ room

Your kid’s imagination, possibilities, and dreams unfold within the space of their room. When their mind is boundless, we need to ensure that their space is designed to help them grow.  Designing a child’s room requires a lot of versatility ...