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All About Property Registration Charges in Bangalore

Last Modified: 30 Dec 2022

Getting a property in Bangalore is one of the most gratifying experiences. When you purchase a property, it is essential to be aware of numerous things like property value, resources, connectivity, the reputation of the sellers, property registration charges in Bangalore, and much more. 

Property registration is required to indicate the transfer of ownership. The property has to be registered under the buyer’s name in the government records to establish the final agreement between the buyer and the seller. It is carried out by the sub-registrar’s office and can be done both online and offline. 

The blog contains the revised stamp duty and registration charges as per the Karnataka Stamp Act of 1957. Knowing the property registration process and the charges involved is pivotal for a smooth property buying experience, and we will discuss the same in this space. 

Stamp duty and registration charges in Bangalore 

Property and house registration charges in Bangalore are fixed to be 1% of the property value. The property registration can be carried out in about 250 sub-registrar offices in 

Bangalore, and the same can be accessed online through the online portal by the Government of Karnataka. 

What is stamp duty in India? 

Stamp duty is the legal tax paid to the government in the evidence of the sale or purchase of a property. Stamp duty rates differ for each state across the country and are defined by the government. Stamp duty in Bangalore is defined by the  Karnataka Government,payable under Section 3 of the Indian Stamp Act of 1899.

What are the rates of stamp duty in Bangalore? 

Property Amount Stamp Duty Charge 
Lesser than ₹ 20 lakhs 2%
Between ₹21-45  lakhs 3%
Above ₹ 45 lakhs 5%

How to calculate stamp duty and property registration charges in Bangalore?

To get ownership of the property, the total cost is = 

Guidance value of the property × Area of the property + Percentage cost of property registration + Percentage cost of stamp duty 

You can also easily calculate the stamp duty and registration charges by visiting the Kaveri Online services portal stamp duty calculator page

Fill in the required details like property types, market value, region types, and much more. Then click calculate, after which the stamp duty will be displayed on the screen. 

Surcharge – Stamp duty in Bangalore 

Apart from the stamp duty cost, a surcharge is levied. A 2% surcharge and 10% on the stamp are levied for properties priced above ₹ 35 lakhs. For properties in rural areas, the surcharge is 3%.

Property Areas Calculated for Stamp Duty 

  • In an independent house, the total area is calculated for stamp duty 
  • The super built-up area is calculated in a multi-storey building. 
  • The sq. ft area of the plot is considered for plots.

The difference in registration charges for men and women 

The difference in stamp duty and property registration charges in Bangalore for men and women is nil. In states like Bihar, Haryana, Punjab etc., there is a difference in stamp duty and property for men and women. There is no difference in stamp duty for properties and house registration charges in places such as Bangalore. However, the stamp duty is rebated for female owners. 

Some of the documents required for property registration in Bangalore are the Khata certificate, affidavit, conversion certificate, title deed, PAN, and declaration form 1. 

The above are the stamp duty and property registration charges in Bangalore as per the revised norms. Stamp duty charges are subject to change and are not fixed. They can be revised annually or whenever the Karnataka government sees the potential to revise them as per the market rate, property market performance, and expansion of the city limits.

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