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Villaments: A modern fusion for luxury living

While we hear a lot about modern architecture, there are many more unique designs that have come up in the real estate market. One such unique architectural design is a villament. Villaments are a fusion between the design of a villa and that of an a...

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Bangalore Real Estate Market: Find out what makes

The Bangalore real estate market has always been considered an attractive investment opportunity and offers fantastic spaces for people to live in. With an abundance of lakes and green spaces integrated with a cosmopolitan feel, the ‘Silicon Valley...

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Experience the luxury of mixed-use development

The idea of having to commute in Bangalore’s traffic has made all of us shudder. With rapid expansion and haphazard town planning, the city faces several issues such as traffic congestion, a decrease in green spaces and even inefficient use of land...

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Top architects in Bangalore to watch out for

The architecture of a city can truly capture its spirit. Its buildings give us a glimpse into the civilizations that once inhabited the area and continue to do so today. The vast majority of them have withstood the test of time and demonstrate the sp...

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Five benefits of investing in real estate Bangalore

Bangalore, the largest city in Karnataka, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. The emergence and expansion of the IT industry in Bangalore mean that the city has seen rapid economic growth. With the rapid growth of the city, people fr...

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5 Reasons To Opt For Smart Home Technology

In the golden age of automation, technology is transforming every facet of our lives. It is enriching our experiences, facilitating quicker and more enhanced communications, and expediting numerous processes across industries. Shouldn’t your home b...