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Eco-Friendly Homes in Bangalore for a Better Future.

Eco-Friendly Homes in Bangalore for a Better Future. The topic of “eco-friendly” practices has recently gained a lot of attention, exclusively in the field of architecture itself. Environmental awareness has grown significantly over the p...

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Small Studio Apartments: All About Decorating Studio Flats

In this modern day and age, newly built living places called small studio apartments are best suited for individuals who believe in minimalism or prefer staying alone. Studios are a perfect deal for working professionals who do not need huge apartmen...

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Checklist for NRIs to Invest in Real Estate

The Indian real estate sector has remained the favourite basket for NRIs offering a variety of alternatives in terms of location, booming economy and the potential to generate significant returns. As numerous metropolitan cities continue to grow, it ...

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How to Lead a Sustainable Lifestyle

With the growing population and depleting resources, there is a greater need than ever for individuals to start adopting a sustainable lifestyle.  This would help us practise conscious living and sustainable procurement. It may seem difficult, b...

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Villaments: A modern fusion for luxury living

While we hear a lot about modern architecture, there are many more unique designs that have come up in the real estate market. One such unique architectural design is a villament. Villaments are a fusion between the design of a villa and that of an a...

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Bangalore Real Estate Market: Find out what makes

The Bangalore real estate market has always been considered an attractive investment opportunity and offers fantastic spaces for people to live in. With an abundance of lakes and green spaces integrated with a cosmopolitan feel, the ‘Silicon Valley...