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Namma Metro Phase 3: How is it Influencing Real Estate Demand?

Last Modified: 12 Mar 2024

In anticipation of the Namma Metro Phase 3, a pivotal extension to the metro network of Bangalore, the city braces for transformative urban development. Beyond its role in addressing transportation demands, Phase 3 emerges as a cornerstone for real estate growth in the thriving IT hub. As the skyline of Bangalore evolves, the wide-reaching impact of the metro fuels economic growth and shapes the landscape of the city. This phase signifies more than improved connectivity; it marks a crucial step in the journey towards comprehensive urban development and substantial real estate expansion.

Expansion of Namma Metro Phase 3

The Bangalore Metro Phase 3 comprises three corridors, covering an extensive total length of 81.12 km.

The first proposed corridor aims to enhance metro connectivity from JP Nagar fourth phase to Kempapura, spanning 32.15 km with 22 stations. The second corridor is designed to stretch from Hosahalli to Kadabagere, covering a distance of 12 km with 9 stations, providing seamless travel for commuters. Meanwhile, the third corridor, extending from Sarjapur to Hebbal and covering a substantial 37 km, is set to significantly enhance connectivity in Bengaluru.

A noteworthy milestone in Phase 3 is the approval granted to the Metro 3A project for the Sarjapur to Hebbal corridor by the state finance department. This approval paves the way for further progress, with the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) gearing up for land acquisition works in anticipation of the expansion. 

In total, Phase 3 aims to add 31 stations to the metro system, intricately weaving it into the urban fabric of the city. This expansion not only addresses the growing demands of Bangalore’s dynamic urban landscape but also promises improved connectivity and accessibility for commuters.      

The Prospective Impact of Namma Metro Phase 3

As Bangalore looks forward to a new era of urban connectivity, Namma Metro Phase 3 promises a transformative impact on the commuting framework of the city. Here are the ways that the Bangalore Metro Phase 3 can help in the daily commuting of people:

1. Reduced Travel Time and Congestion:

Namma Metro Phase 3 is set to revolutionise commuting in Bangalore by significantly reducing travel time and alleviating traffic congestion. The extended metro lines and additional stations offer commuters efficient and time-saving alternatives to traditional modes of transportation. As a result, the metro system becomes a catalyst for streamlining daily commutes, contributing to increased productivity and a more seamless mobility experience.

2. Positive Environmental Impact:

With an expanded and efficient metro network, the Bangalore Metro Phase 3 has a positive environmental impact on the city. As more commuters choose the eco-friendly metro option, there is a reduction in individual vehicle emissions, thereby contributing to improved air quality and a decrease in the overall carbon footprint. The commitment to sustainability of the metro aligns with global efforts to address environmental concerns and promote greener modes of transportation.

3. Facilitation of Last-Mile Connectivity:

Namma Metro Phase 3 not only focuses on point-to-point connectivity but also addresses the crucial last-mile challenge. The metro system facilitates convenient last-mile connectivity by strategically locating stations and integrating with other modes of transportation, such as buses and cycling facilities. This ensures that commuters can seamlessly transition from the metro to their final destinations, promoting a holistic and integrated urban transportation network.

Economic and Urban Impacts of Namma Metro Phase 3

As Bangalore progresses, the economic and urban impacts of the new metro line take centre stage. This expansion promises to enhance transportation and stands as an instrumental force in shaping the economic and urban development landscape.

1. Influence on Property Values and Real Estate:

This new metro line emerges as a significant driver of economic growth, impacting property values and real estate in Bangalore. Being close to metro stations has consistently led to higher property values, attracting real estate investments and encouraging growth in both residential and commercial developments along the metro routes. The growing metro network is set to make neighbourhoods served by Phase 3 more attractive and desirable, enhancing the overall urban landscape.

In relation to Hebbal, properties that are in close proximity to the Phase 3 metro line will see notable benefits. The upcoming metro network not only elevates the general allure of these properties but also enhances their accessibility, potentially making them rewarding investments. These locations often experience increased demand, leading to potential appreciation in property value and promising returns on investment for discerning buyers. One such property is Soho & Sky by Assetz.

2. Boost to Local Businesses and Commercial Hubs:

The metro expansion boosts local businesses and commercial hubs, stimulating economic activity. Areas close to the new metro routes in Bangalore become key spots for commercial growth, which attracts businesses looking for strategic locations with high footfall. Better connectivity brings more customers to local establishments, boosting business revenue and creating a lively economic environment around metro stations.

3. Job Creation and Economic Opportunities:

The Bangalore Metro Phase 3 also becomes a job generator, creating employment opportunities across sectors. The expanded network contributes to job creation, from skilled labour during construction to operational staff for the metro system. Moreover, improved connectivity opens up new economic possibilities, making job centres more accessible and fostering business growth in various sectors.


In conclusion, the Namma Metro Phase 3 emerges as a game-changing force, significantly boosting the real estate of Bangalore. Characterised by a substantial increase in property values and the creation of new investment opportunities, Phase 3 plays an important role in reshaping the city. Its overall impact extends beyond enhanced commuting by contributing to developing vibrant neighbourhoods and commercial hubs. 

As Namma Metro Phase 3 reshapes the real estate landscape, it becomes essential to take this into consideration while making well-informed decisions regarding property. Crucial aspects such as the higher property values and investment opportunities generated by the metro expansion should be taken into account. Seeking advice from esteemed developers such as Assetz Property Group can help you navigate this journey. Assetz Property Group offers expert guidance to ensure you make the right decisions in real estate. With their support, you can confidently set off on your property investment journey, transforming your real estate aspirations into a concrete reality.

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