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The KIADB Industrial Area near Bangalore Airport: Economic Enclave

Last Modified: 19 Oct 2023

Nestled adjacent to the bustling Bangalore Airport, the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB) Industrial Area stands as a testament to economic prowess and industrial finesse. With measured precision, this enclave of industrious activity has emerged as a formidable driver of regional transformation, heralding a new era of prosperity and development. This prime location, serving as one of the best locations to invest in Bangalore, beckons investors to explore a dynamic landscape.

Within its boundaries, a diverse combination of technology giants and influential manufacturing companies, logistics hubs, aviation pioneers, and biotech innovators thrive, invigorating the local and state economies, enhancing workforce skills, bolstering state revenues, elevating infrastructure, and fostering ancillary businesses. The area offers a vibrant residential market for those seeking places to stay near Bangalore Airport, making it a well-rounded investment destination among North Bangalore development.

KIADB’s Role in Fostering Industrial Progress in the Region

The industrial area near Bangalore Airport is driving the region’s growth, attracting various industries and creating jobs. Northern Bengaluru, previously overlooked, is now thriving due to its proximity to the airport, upcoming metro, and available land for development. Major companies like Boeing and Foxconn are setting up units, and the IT sector is booming. Plans for smart cities and industrial expansions are in progress, making it a key hub for economic development and opportunities.

Diverse Industry Landscape within the KIADB Industrial Area

The KIADB Industrial Area near Bangalore Airport hosts a diverse array of industries and businesses, both established and upcoming, contributing to its dynamic economic landscape. It is a vibrant job hub, offering diverse opportunities in IT, manufacturing, and logistics. The presence of industries fuels skill development, creating a continuous demand for talent and job opportunities. Its significant financial contribution enables crucial investments in infrastructure, elevating the quality of life. 

The current industries and businesses present in the KIADB Industrial Area:

Boeing India:

Background: Leading global aerospace company known for advanced aircraft manufacturing.

Impact: Provides high-skilled jobs, fosters R&D, and strengthens aerospace manufacturing.

Transformation: Growth attracts talent, spurs local collaborations, and establishes a robust aerospace ecosystem.


Background: Major electronics assembler, including Apple iPhone, in the global supply chain.

Impact: Creates jobs, stimulates component manufacturing, boosts exports, and strengthens the local economy.

Transformation: Drives tech advancements, forms a vibrant electronics manufacturing cluster, elevates global tech status.

Manyata Tech Park:

Background: Prominent IT hub with cutting-edge infrastructure and collaborative environment.

Impact: Generates jobs, attracts IT professionals, and enhances the region’s tech reputation.

Transformation: Expansion fosters innovation, knowledge exchange, positioning the area as a premier destination for tech-driven enterprises.


Background: Renowned multinational IT corporation providing consulting and services.

Impact: Creates high-skilled jobs, fosters IT innovation, and elevates the region’s tech capabilities.

Transformation: Drives digital transformation, enhances skill development, and boosts collaboration with local educational institutions.


Background: Leading biopharmaceutical company specializing in research and innovation.

Impact: Provides jobs, drives medical innovation, and contributes to the region’s healthcare sector.

Transformation: Fuels biotech research, encourages talent influx, and fosters collaborations with local medical institutions.


Background: Multinational IT company offering IT services, consulting, and business solutions.

Impact: Generates employment, fosters IT innovation, and strengthens the region’s tech expertise.

Transformation: Drives digital solutions, enhances skill development, and boosts partnerships with local startups and entrepreneurs.

Job Opportunities and Economic Resonance in the Vicinity

The KIADB Industrial Area near Bangalore Airport has established itself as a veritable wellspring of job opportunities and a key element of economic growth, profoundly influencing the locality with refined finesse.

Real Estate Reverberation: The confluence of businesses and employees in the North Bangalore property zone reverberates positively across the local real estate sector, culminating in appreciating property values and catalysing real estate development.

Community Empowerment: Through the prism of corporate social responsibility, numerous businesses within the area actively engage in community development initiatives, championing causes related to education, healthcare, and social welfare, thus elevating the standard of living for the local populace and community living in Bangalore.

Investment Opportunities: Real Estate Trends Near Bangalore Airport

Investors seeking to capitalise on the burgeoning economic landscape surrounding the Bangalore real estate market, particularly in the KIADB Industrial Area, will find a tableau of promising opportunities and trends awaiting their attention.

1.  Industrial Infrastructure Development:

As industries continue to thrive in the region, including properties near Bangalore Airport, there is a growing need for industrial infrastructure. Warehousing and manufacturing facilities are in high demand, driven by the logistics and manufacturing sectors. Investing in industrial real estate, including warehouses and factories, presents a lucrative avenue for those seeking stable returns in the long term.

2. Residential Housing Segment:

The influx of professionals and families relocating to the area for employment opportunities has fueled a robust demand for residential properties. This trend is expected to persist, making residential real estate, including apartments, villas, and gated communities, a promising investment option. The allure of a peaceful and well-connected lifestyle, combined with proximity to employment hubs, bolsters the residential market’s appeal.

3. Commercial Real Estate Boom:

The prime location of the KIADB Industrial Area near Bangalore Airport has catalysed a surge in demand for commercial real estate. Investors can explore prospects in office spaces, business parks, and logistics facilities to cater to the needs of growing industries and multinational corporations flocking to the area. With the ever-expanding workforce and business landscape, the demand for premium office spaces is set to rise further, making it an opportune moment for investments.


In the bustling area near Bangalore Airport, including the flourishing KIADB Industrial Area, a range of promising investment opportunities awaits. From commercial and residential real estate to sustainability-focused projects, each avenue holds great potential. Assetz Property, renowned for its industry expertise, provides investors with invaluable guidance and tailored real estate solutions, enabling savvy investment choices in this thriving economic landscape. As this area advances towards prosperity, Assetz ensures that investors are well-prepared to secure long-term benefits and opportunities in real estate, guaranteeing a secure and beneficial investment journey.

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