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Benefits of Community Living with luxury homes in Bangalore | Assetz

Last Modified: 11 Mar 2022

The Indian real estate market has changed dramatically since its inception years ago. Increasing urbanisation and population growth have driven up the demand for residential properties in cities to new heights. Recognising this need, we at Assetz realised that integrated community living is the most appropriate choice to meet the growing demand for excellent homes inside city borders. Assetz 63° East is a manifestation of this realisation. 

What is community living? 

Ever wondered what a township is like? Living in a township house entails living in a community with larger and better-used acreage; this includes a variety of services and facilities that help a township become self-sufficient. 

It starts functioning as a mini-metropolis, with clusters of living spaces perfectly interwoven with world-class infrastructure including schools, retail malls, recreational spaces, and all other essentials available within the community’s limits.

With a township you can come to expect uninterrupted electricity and water supply, along with an absence of metropolitan traffic congestion and pollution, making township life a unique experience. Aside from the comforts and convenience, community living also provides a mix of solitude and nature, which is a component that’s often missing in modern, urban life. 

Assetz 63° East offers luxury apartments in South Bangalore that perfectly integrate community living within the confines of a busy city, a rarity in the current real estate market. 

Read below to find out the benefits of a township house. 

Here are 4 benefits of living in a Township: 

1) Increased safety with our gated community apartments in Bangalore

Families, particularly working couples with children or elderly relatives, are concerned about security. At Assetz 63° East, we provide you with the opportunity to avail of electronic home security systems such as closed-circuit televisions, cameras, and other features. Our gated community apartments in Bangalore are surveilled 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These services are provided keeping in mind the safety of our residents. 

Townships are regarded as the safest residential zones since apartments here come equipped with superior automation and control systems. The ability to deploy CCTV, video surveillance systems and 24-hour monitoring improves the livability of our luxury apartments in South Bangalore!

2) Sustainable living

Assetz 63° East is a sustainable community living space. Lush green landscapes, organic farming space, rainwater harvesting, efficient waste management, and other environmentally friendly and sustainable elements are carefully built into our infrastructure, making the goal of living in harmony with nature a reality. Staying in a self-sufficient community living space saves time, money, and energy. 

Our carbon healing homes use alternative approaches to control resource utilisation more efficiently for a better sustainable lifestyle. The three R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle)  strategy helps distribute resources in a systematic and controlled way, resulting in little waste.

In order to create eco-friendly houses, measures are taken to allow zero-waste living, particularly in terms of solid waste disposal and management. This is necessary to ensure that nothing ends up in a landfill. Besides this, we also have employed mechanisms to ensure regular groundwater recharge and practice rainwater harvesting. Our apartments in Sarjapur Road have been built keeping the environment in mind. 

3) Excellent amenities

Besides providing comfortable living areas, townships also provide a wide range of world-class facilities and conveniences.

 Due to the close proximity of dwellings and the sharing of facilities, people frequently establish tight-knit communities.

Within our township at 63° East, we have various amenities that promote sports and fitness activities such as football, tennis, basketball, running and cycling. 

Besides this, the residents themselves are likely to introduce hobby classes such as origami, painting, and sketching, among others in a bid to explore their own interests. The clubhouse is equipped with recreational spaces for residents to take these activities up. This provides them with a wide range of opportunities to bond with one another. Due to the cordial relationships developed between residents, even festival celebrations, religious rituals, and other events take on a new hue.

In this manner, gated communities manage to support and promote ‘Community Living’.

4) Increased resale value and returns

Townships outperform solitary structures owing to their broader landscape and facilities. Commercial venues, such as SEZs, also draw investors to these areas. The Sarjapur area proves itself to be an incredibly attractive investment opportunity, it is home to major companies and MNCs, as well as some of the top social infrastructure services available in Bangalore. Furthermore, it has consistently been ranked as one of the city’s best residential neighbourhoods. Given the rapid development in this area, our apartments in Sarjapur Road are bound to prove themselves as a trustworthy investment that is likely to increase in value.  

A township house may be a dream come true for most buyers since it meets all the criteria of a valuable residence. The current property market outlook favours homebuyers, making the present the best time to acquire a home that meets your expectations and fulfil your dreams. 
We hope this answered all your queries about what a township is. Have we convinced you to take up community living yet? Assetz 63° East is the perfect home for those looking to get away from the hustle of the city while still being well connected to the urban facilities available. Form lifelong friendships in our 26-acre township with big balcony houses, where you can be connected with nature, community and urban life. What better place to start a life?

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