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How to Decorate a House for Christmas: Top 6 Holiday Decor Ideas

Last Modified: 22 Dec 2022

The best thing about the winter season is the gathering of family and friends and the warmth you get to share with them. And for a time like this, classic holiday decor sets the perfect ambiance for that comfortable get-together.

To decorate a house for Christmas, there are multiple areas you can focus your ideas on. From the living room furnishings to the kitchen and dining rooms – you can utilize every space and bring in the essence of the holiday spirit. Let’s dive into the different Christmas house decoration ideas for 2022.

  1. Frame the Archway with Pine Garlands

Easy to get your hands on during the holiday season, consider decorating each doorway with garlands. It’s one quick way to ensure every room looks decked up for the festivities. You can use pine garlands or cedar garlands for decorating them with all greens.

  1. Decorate your Walls

The walls are always a great place to add garlands, bells, and other decor items. This brightens up the home without wasting space – making it one of the best living room Christmas decor ideas for an impactful yet efficient output. You can try out red and white bells or plain green garlands with small golden bells and glitter for a classic finish.

  1. Kitchen Counters need Colours

While starting with Christmas house decorations, the kitchen space should never be overlooked. You can get creative by placing colourful hand towels on the oven door handle or near your sink. Flower vases are another element you can add; this creates a nice contrast effect as you set them at the corners of your kitchen counter. Decorating a round eco-friendly tray can also be another idea; you can add numerous items to the tray – a scented candle, a tiny potpourri bowl, bottles of your favourite drink, some quick bites, etc. And the round green garlands will suit your kitchen cabinet doors to add to the aesthetic while complementing the overall theme.

  1. Use a Planter For your Christmas Tree

Christmas house decorations are incomplete without the main attraction – the Christmas tree. But there’s always scope to experiment with it. For example, instead of going the traditional way for your Christmas living room decor, you can multiply the elegance of your Christmas tree using a big planter with beautiful prints. Try choosing one with a light colour, preferably white, to make it stand out in the living room. Also, try placing a small electric lantern behind the tree that will exude a yellowish glow, thereby making the tree the principal focus.

  1. Decorating Tabletops

When it comes to Christmas living room decor, even the storage cabinets are worth your attention. To begin with, try adding candles with glass boundaries to avoid blowing out. You can also add elegant decor showpieces like a crystal star, reindeer figurines, small faux trees made of wood, a white vase in the middle of your coffee table, and much more. The dining room table can do well with red and white napkins or small green garlands running through the middle of the table.

  1. DIY Display of Cards & Christmas Wishes

One way to decorate a house for Christmas is by adding holiday greetings and wishes in your common space for a personal touch. Using banners that say “Merry Christmas” can easily make the space light up! Also, displaying numerous colourful Christmas cards on side tables adds to the details. Better yet, you can also feature Christmas wishes as a wall hanging with family photographs and other colourful decorations.

There are several other Christmas room decor ideas that you can try to enhance your home perfectly! From uplifting small details to a complete revamp, you can be as creative as you want to make your home more inviting.

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