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Top architects in Bangalore to watch out for

The architecture of a city can truly capture its spirit. Its buildings give us a glimpse into the civilizations that once inhabited the area and continue to do so today. The vast majority of them have withstood the test of time and demonstrate the sp...

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4 Features of Contemporary Architecture | Assetz

Baroque, Classical and even Dravidian, we’ve all come across various architectural styles and have marvelled at their own unique features. While aesthetics help in distinguishing between styles of architecture, there are several factors that influe...

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Bringing back a green Bangalore with sustainable houses by Assetz Marq

How often have you reminisced about the old Bangalore? One that was famous for its charm and held the title of the Garden City of India proudly?   Cities often evolve, with each evolution trying to accommodate the needs and desires of its r...

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Benefits of Community Living with luxury homes in Bangalore | Assetz

The Indian real estate market has changed dramatically since its inception years ago. Increasing urbanisation and population growth have driven up the demand for residential properties in cities to new heights. Recognising this need, we at Assetz rea...

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Learn about 5 Amazing Housewarming Ceremony Ideas that you can try at your new home. 4th idea is worth a try.

Your next housewarming party might just be your most memorable with these fantastic housewarming ideas. Moving to a new home is an exciting period in one’s life that holds the promise of endless possibilities. You’ve put in all that hard work whi...

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Five benefits of investing in real estate Bangalore | Assetz

Bangalore, the largest city in Karnataka, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. The emergence and expansion of the IT industry in Bangalore mean that the city has seen rapid economic growth. With the rapid growth of the city, people fr...