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Experience the luxury of mixed-use development

Last Modified: 24 May 2022

The idea of having to commute in Bangalore’s traffic has made all of us shudder. With rapid expansion and haphazard town planning, the city faces several issues such as traffic congestion, a decrease in green spaces and even inefficient use of land resources. Recognizing the frustration Bangalore’s residents face, we at Assetz have been exploring various models of urban planning in India, to see if we can aid in finding a solution.  

Our team identified mixed-use development as the most holistic approach to town planning, which has served as the primary inspiration behind our project – Assetz Soho & Sky. Numerous mixed-use projects, commonly known as townships, have appeared in various cities over the years. Townships have the ability to provide a high quality of life, a sound socio-civic infrastructure, and a comprehensive approach to community living in India – all in close proximity.

What is mixed-use development? 

Mixed-use development is a type of urban design that comprises a diverse variety of structures serving different purposes and is built as an integrated unit. The mixed-use development concept is a type of “new-age construction” that combines residential, commercial, office, medical and recreational components within a single space. It provides a sophisticated area in which both commercial and residential activities can coexist.

To put it simply, mixed-use development allows for three-dimensional, pedestrian-oriented environments that integrate compatible land usage, community spaces, and utilities at varying scales and intensities. This variety implies residents can live, work, play, and shop in one location!

What are some of the benefits of mixed-use buildings? 

1. Building a green environment for a sustainable future

One of the drawbacks of a standalone structure is that it leaves limited room for incorporating sustainable practices into one’s daily routine. With mixed-use buildings becoming a reality, people would have more room and opportunities to build a sustainable community. Townships greatly reduce the distance between your living spaces, retail stores and your workspace. This helps cut down on your commute and encourages pedestrian travel and biking, which in turn drastically reduces your carbon footprint. 

Townships also allow easy integration of water and sewage recycling, well-designed parks, green and open spaces, and tree-lined boulevards, which help improve lifestyles by creating a healthier environment. 

2. A step closer to a more active lifestyle

The pedestrian-friendly environment created by mixed-use development encourages active and healthy lifestyles. A lack of walking infrastructure can reduce residents’ quality of life and increase their risk of health problems. Adults living in less walkable neighbourhoods had a greater anticipated 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease, higher systolic blood pressure, and a higher likelihood of developing diabetes, according to the Journal of the American Heart Association.

At a township, you can expect features like a dedicated jogging track, cycling paths, basketball and badminton courts and numerous parks and open spaces that allow you to indulge in any physical activity you desire. 

Mixed-use buildings develop a sense of community and offer a variety of recreational activities to keep residents happy, social, and productive.

3. A viable investment opportunity

Due to its proximity to a variety of amenities, mixed-use development concepts are in high demand among both residential and commercial tenants. Businesses can benefit from a densely populated area with high levels of foot traffic. Other renters may be able to reside close to their workplace or other important facilities.

These considerations enable property owners to justify higher rental rates if their homes are located in locations with numerous benefits. Green spaces, retail shops, and leisure facilities increase the evaluation of a property, indicating its status as a good investment.

These are just some of the benefits of community living in India with a mixed-use development project. Urban planning in India can greatly benefit from a project such as Assetz Soho & Sky which seeks to ease the life of Bangalore’s residents by bringing all the necessary amenities into one space. Easy accessibility cuts down on travel time which allows you to manage your day better and aids in cutting down your carbon footprint! Mixed-use developments are indeed here to make life simple. 

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