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4 Features of Contemporary Architecture | Assetz

Last Modified: 21 Apr 2022

Baroque, Classical and even Dravidian, we’ve all come across various architectural styles and have marvelled at their own unique features. While aesthetics help in distinguishing between styles of architecture, there are several factors that influence them. These include geography, culture, technology and sometimes even war. Living in an age of extensive globalisation, it isn’t a surprise that we see similar-looking structures coming up across the globe. This is the age of contemporary architecture.

The contemporary architecture itself has rather few prominent features – its most distinguishing characteristic is its influence from various eras that have come together to create this unique style.

We at Assetz recognised the beauty in this architectural style and realised the benefits of the functionality it presents itself with. 22 & Crest is an ode to contemporary architecture and was created keeping in mind the various demands of the present times.

If you’re curious about the features of contemporary architecture, read on!

Open floor plan in shared spaces

All architecture is inspired by philosophy, one that the creators hold close to their hearts which reflects a culture, space and time. The way we’re designing buildings today, we’re moving away from compartmentalising spaces and creating separate departments. Instead, contemporary architecture is inspired by how concepts, cultures, and values intersect.

This is part of the 21st-century zeitgeist, and it’s a prominent aspect of contemporary buildings and workplaces. 22 & Crest seamlessly captures the philosophy of open communication, harmony and unity in its design.

A reflection of this intersection is noted in the preference for open floor plans, which aids in the impression of open airy spaces. Interior wall minimization is a trademark of contemporary architectural design and has been effortlessly integrated within our floor plans. Rooms that appear to flow into one another are frequent, and sliding doors rather than solid walls are commonly used as boundaries. This generates a sense of continuity among the many locations in the house and eases communication between family members who may be in separate rooms.

Sustainability – green building design

The first aspect that comes to mind when we hear the word sustainability is that of the environment. A study by the GHG (Greenhouse Gas Platform India) found that construction results in significant amounts of carbon emissions. It’s about time that sustainability is discussed broadly in the context of architecture. Contemporary architecture holds a special emphasis on ensuring that buildings are sustainable and we at Assetz ascribe to the same belief.

Ideally, sustainable buildings should be able to meet some of their own water and energy requirements on-site. To ensure this requirement is fulfilled, 22 & Crest has inculcated both rainwater harvesting facilities and groundwater recharge mechanisms within its green building design.

Similarly, a sustainable building is one that generates little to no waste. The only way we can achieve this goal is by ensuring on-site recycling initiatives. We at Assetz have given special attention to ensuring we have biodegradable waste processing facilities, which greatly minimises the waste we send to garbage dumps.

Special attention to integrating nature

Contemporary architecture is concerned with situating buildings in the natural world in a way that makes them part of the environment. The goal is to achieve harmony between structure and nature which has been at the heart of the design process of 22 & Crest. We wanted to ensure that our residents would have a panoramic view of West Bangalore, which we enhanced through lush landscaping, thus bringing out a green oasis.

The significant use of huge glass windows blurs the distinction between indoors and outdoors, while overhanging roofs extend the design into the outdoors. These design elements were purposefully integrated into 22 & Crest to truly embody the spirit of contemporary architecture. Furthermore, our homes were planned with the landscape in mind. Our contemporary buildings highlight the pleasure of spectacular natural surroundings by including patios and balconies from which you can enjoy our beautifully landscaped spaces.

Integrated smart home technology

As we move into the age of technology, it isn’t a surprise that contemporary architecture plays a special emphasis on its integration into the infrastructure itself. Smart homes are the future and are here to help make life easier.

The finer details are one of the most thrilling aspects of constructing or finding the right house. Traditionally, the finer details are limited largely to design features, such as fixtures and tile choices. Contemporary style-inspired house features, on the other hand, are also expressed in technical applications. It may seem futuristic, but home technology is on the rise, with more and more inventions being produced and promoted to the general population.

Smart home technology is transforming today’s and tomorrow’s houses by making life at home more efficient, and easier than ever before. Where earlier utilities like a dishwasher were considered must-haves by homebuyers, future smart home technology requirements will include temperature and lighting control apps and smart security systems.

Keeping this technological shift in mind, 22 & Crest was created to ensure tech-compatible homes. At Assetz, we truly believe in moving with the times.

If you are someone who is looking to live in a contemporary home that was designed keeping in mind the various demands of today’s world and makes an active commitment to bettering it, then 22 Crest is the place for you. 

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