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Top architects in Bangalore to watch out for

Last Modified: 06 May 2022

The architecture of a city can truly capture its spirit. Its buildings give us a glimpse into the civilizations that once inhabited the area and continue to do so today. The vast majority of them have withstood the test of time and demonstrate the spirit of the era.

Bangalore, a city often known for its charm, has a wide variety of architectural influences. These influences range from colonial to vernacular and now modern architecture. Developers like Assetz Property Group are bringing a cosmopolitan feel to Bangalore, reflecting the city’s global status it has been gaining as the Silicon Valley of India. With properties that contribute to the ecosystem of the locality, their projects feature architecture that only amplifies the lifestyle of their residents.

But to make these visions into reality, exceptionally talented and diverse architects are the need of the hour. Only these brilliant minds can deliver justice to this city’s essence while being true to the global influence every building in it has. 

This list of architects in Bangalore is in recognition of those who’ve helped give the city its facade that we recognise today. Read on to find out about the top architects in Bangalore who approach their work as art. 

1. Chitra Vishwanath

Chitra entered the realm of architecture with a diploma in Civil Engineering and construction knowledge. She chose to concentrate her architectural practice in Bangalore, focusing on decreasing the ecological footprint of her buildings and on developing inexpensive dwellings for the average man. Her profession and work reflect her learning path as well as her respect and love for the environment, which has earned her the title of top architect in Bangalore. 

Her idea is to optimize the use of local resources, to plan with the natural components in mind, both implicitly and dynamically, and to make the social impact of building positive, increasing the lifestyle quality of both the doers and the users. “Mud” is a prominent component of the variety of resources employed as it’s well adapted for local conditions, is relatively labour-intensive (creating employment opportunities), and is easily available. 

2. Rajesh Renganathan

Rajesh Renganathan is a partner with Flying Elephant Studio. His strength, he believes, is in intellectual innovation. Rajesh’s scholarly study of natural patterns and their underlying existence in a man-made environment informs his design thinking even to this day. His practice emphasizes a strong focus on the thermal environment as a driving element in the design of buildings. Rajesh is also interested in the evolving nature-culture relationships mediated via design on a larger scale.

He is noted for his unique and progressive designs that are sensitive to the environment. His work focuses on broadening the scope of architecture by combining topics of urbanism, landscape, and design. He is noted for his imaginative ideas that are executed with finesse and technical knowledge. It’s little wonder that he has been listed as one of the best architects in Bangalore.

3. Girish Dariyav Karnawat 

Girish Dariyav Karnawat is a well-known Bangalore-based architect who is recognised for his work on Mobius House Goa. GDK Design, which was founded in 2000, provides complete designs that are tailored to the needs of the clients. Karnawat is a firm believer in the importance of groundwork and enjoys being engaged in every stage of the construction process. The outcome is more fulfilling and intimate as a consequence of the direct collaboration with artisans and craftsmen. 

Ar. Girish Dariyav Karnawat’s practice guides him on his quest for the unknown, pushing boundaries to accomplish what is necessary and to react to the uniqueness of a situation: location, needs, client/occupants, and so on. This questioning is generally done through sketches, drawings, renderings, and study models, in keeping with his old-school belief in intimate mediums of inquiry and expression. His approach to architecture and design has been well noted amongst architecture programs in India, making him one of the top architects in Bangalore. 

4. Promod Jaiswal

Between Spaces is a Bangalore-based architecture and design firm that was founded by Promod Jaiswal. He is truly one of the best architects in Bangalore. His studio, which was founded in 2010, has already made waves in the market by receiving the NDTV Design and Architecture Award in 2015. Between Spaces’ architect engineers create designs that are relevant to their surroundings, with respect to the cultural, economic, and historical influences that space is subjected to. 

Jaiswal believes that architectural design should allow a place to freely convey its ideology. His designs focus on striking a balance between heritage and modernity, as well as innovation and nature. This business has become a successful brand in the construction sector due to its multidisciplinary and collaborative approach. The firm holds a special emphasis on employing local materials for construction as they believe it’s the easiest manner to move towards a sustainable future. 

We hope you found this list of architects in Bangalore interesting and insightful. Taking a look at the work of some of the top architects in Bangalore will give you great insight into how the city is being planned and organized. Architecture building design is an extremely interesting field of study that is bound to make you curious about the spaces around you. With an Assetz home, you can be assured that you are partaking in the creation of a diverse architectural space with sustainability at the forefront. Our new properties, Soho and Sky located in Hebbal and Earth and Essence located in North Bangalore were designed keeping in mind the essence of the city while contributing to its development into a global city. We believe in honouring both art and architecture using our design. 

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