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Exploring Bangalore’s Cultural Hotspots: A Guide to Art, Music, and Theater

Last Modified: 28 Sep 2023

Bangalore culture has been deep-rooted in the city’s aesthetics for some time now. Considering the growth in art events, museum development, plays and dramas, Bangalore has become a cultural mosaic. In this city, you always have things to do on the weekend or something new to explore, and it has always been welcoming to new move-ins and citizens. 

However, the distance and travel might seem daunting, especially for times you don’t wish to travel and want to stay close to home, which is why there are so many spots for you to discover near you, and with this guide, you can plan your next outing! 

Living in Bangalore means adapting to a dual lifestyle of maintaining your own quiet time and immersing yourself in the excitement that comes with this city. To strike this balance effectively, it’s essential to find a location that caters to both aspects. This is where properties like those offered by Assetz come into play. They offer a diverse range of homes that not only align with Bangalore’s vibrant culture but also provide convenient access to the city’s energy. They are strategically located in every part of the city, from South Bangalore to the International Airport, making it easier for individuals to pick the most comfortable area.

Use this guide to plan your next weekend’s getaway and truly experience the joys of Bangalore culture!

Art in Bangalore: 

Starting strong for art lovers in the city, art in Bangalore is nurtured by renowned art galleries such as the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) and the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath. A haven for ardent art fans, these galleries have something new to show each time. There is always something exciting to see, from exhibitions to virtual galleries, and these galleries are located close to the city centres. As part of Bangalore’s old history, many localities hold a sense of charisma. Living here embodies a dual lifestyle, including the city’s bustle and quiet neighbourhoods. 

The Museum of Art and Photography is another beautiful creative space that has taken the city by storm. Known for its photography galleries, it is like taking a trip down memory lanes and finding new perspectives. The Museum is open to all and in proximity to Cubbon Park, which is also another popular attraction to visit here in Bangalore.  Apart from art, the city has so much to offer in cuisine. From exotic cuisines to art-themed cafes, there is always something new to discover. These aesthetic cafes hold several events exclusively curated in the interest of customers. From pottery to poetry, you connect with individuals from all over the city. 

Cafe culture is a strong contender and a core part of Bangalore’s culture. Many of the art events in Bangalore tend to take place in these cafes. These charming cafes are tucked away in the busy streets and provide a haven for people from all walks of life to relax, mingle, and enjoy the delicious flavours that bring them together. Step into any corner of this buzzing city, and you’ll find a cafe that’s more than just a place to grab a quick bite. It’s a potluck of things including a hangout spot, a creative hub, and a slice of the city’s soul . From the aroma of freshly ground coffee to the cosy corners decked out with mismatched furniture, these cafes have a personality of their own. Art cafes in Bangalore include popular locations like Dyu Art Cafe, and Bistro Claytopia, which revolve around captivating themes such as pottery and painting. Additionally, their architecture and menus are also crafted to mirror these experiences.

Bangalore has quite the reputation for its brew parks, with notable names like Byg Brewski in Hennur and Sarjapur, among others. Additionally, there’s Uru near Bannerghatta Road that’s also made a name for itself. Renowned for their exceptional atmosphere, the breweries are synonymous with the city’s best, and when it comes to food, they unquestionably deliver excellence.

Music in Bangalore:

Bangalore, with its pulsating energy, has a deep-rooted association with music. You can witness their symphonies through various activities, from the Indian Music Experience (IME), a museum dedicated to India’s rich musical heritage, to clubs and restaurants playing live music. This Music Museum in Bangalore allows individuals to experience the diversity in Indian music and truly appreciate it with their interactive, multisensory exhibits. Church Street also offers charming street performances that sweep you off your feet. Paired with the ambience of the shops and cafes, this makes the perfect evening plan with your friends or partner. Other examples include FoxTrot, HardRock Cafe and Socials, which are great for live music in Bangalore.

Bangalore is also known for having blood-pumping music festivals close to the airport. There is always an event ready to be played with the magic that Bangalore has to offer. Numerous properties in North Bangalore cater to the diverse lifestyle of the Garden City. Properties such as Assetz Earth & Essence, Atmos & Aura, among others, provide innovative homes that blend artistry in their architecture and aesthetic to create living spaces that are luxurious and quality oriented. 

Theater in Bangalore: 

Bangalore theatre is a definite hit in the city. So much of our culture is reflected in these plays that watching them is always a joy. Shows are put up periodically, and you can find great ones to see in Ranga Shankara and Jagriti, which are great places to visit if you want to watch plays in Bangalore. These theatrical productions take the stage as a vibrant and essential component of Bangalore’s cultural scene. The Bangalore Little Theatre (BLT) is Bangalore’s oldest English language theatre group, contributing to the city’s theatre culture. Apart from this, Cubbon Park is also famous for their street plays, a fun activity to enjoy on weekends! If watching Bangalore theatre is your cup of tea, these are the perfect places to experience it. 

Properties by Assetz like Soho & Sky skillfully incorporate creativity, ingenuity, and craftsmanship into their residences, much like the enthralling productions that take place on a theatre stage. Explore how Assetz Property Group embraces the essence of the stage to build houses that are nothing short of amazing as we dig into the world of theatre in Bangalore. Assetz has the perfect properties that grant you the wish to live close to all your favourite attractions.

Embracing Art and Culture in Your Lifestyle:

Much like art, culture also revolves around diversity. You can adopt these differences and, indeed, widen your perspective. This is what Bangalore culture imbibes. Living near such cultural hotspots fully immerses you in the city’s beauty. Apart from being called the Garden City, Bangalore thrives on the bustle and constant entertainment, and what’s better than living close to these hotspots? With Assetz, you can choose a location that is always close to the city’s excitement. Whether living in central Bangalore or North Bangalore, you are never too far away from the bustle of the city. 

Living near the city’s cultural hubs means you are always close to convenience and opportunity. Your lifestyle can be enriched with Bangalore’s culture with theatre, music, art, plays, and so much more! As mentioned, the commute might deter you from travelling to find your new weekend routine. However, Bangalore is filled with diverse hotspots on every corner that still allow you to experience the life of this city. Whether looking for exciting art events in Bangalore or just finding your quiet time in a corner cafe, this city has so much to offer.


Exploring Bangalore’s culture means unveiling its rich heritage and artistic and vibrant soul. This city is teeming with creativity, from art galleries to music museums, and there is something new to discover each time you go out. As you traverse through every nook and cranny of Bangalore, you’ll see how harmoniously it intertwines modernity and tradition, and this is perfectly reflected in much of the architecture and properties that have been built. The cultural hotspots of Bangalore promise an enriching and fascinating experience for residents and visitors alike. 

Assetz allows you to connect with Bangalorean culture in the most authentic way possible. Planned strategically, their properties cater to your tastes no matter what you choose. From Whitefield to Hennur, there is always a place to call home with Assetz. They are built near the city’s cultural hubs, where you can enjoy various activities without worrying about the commute. You can enjoy the best of living in the culturally forward Garden City and still find time to explore its hidden gems!

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