Where peoplewho’ve seen life,come HOME to live it.



Home of the world Citizen


3 & 4 BHKs Off Hebbal, North Bangalore

Discover larger-than-life living spaces, spilling onto sunlit decks. Soak in the quiet green corners and revel in world-class luxury amenities. Because people like you, who’ve seen it all, deserve to have it all. Find it at Soho & Sky, spacious luxury apartments in Hebbal - poised to become the city's newest landmark.


Life at Soho & Sky is so much larger than life anywhere else.

Across the road from your home, lies an exciting new world to explore. Enjoy exquisite meals at five-star restaurants, indulge in casual Sunday brunches at a quaint café, take a leisurely stroll with friends and family, linger at exclusive boutique outlets – without ever leaving home. It's a first-hand experience of the vibrant New York lifestyle, and it solely belongs to you.


An out of this world experience designed especially forworld citizens.

That’s because it was inspired by the world’s most famous district, New York’s Soho. You’ll see it in the distinctive architecture – the brown brick cladding, the grey iron accents and the vibrant green corners. You’ll feel it in the buzz of the restaurants and shopping zones. And, as someone who’s familiar with urban legends, you’ll recognize and appreciate the magnitude of living in one.

When it comes to giving you a home you love, there’s nothing extra about that extra mile.

When you’ve seen it all, you deserve to have it all.

The inhabitants of this piece of New York are provided with nothing short of everything. From a dip in the pool, to a trip to the spa, to an afternoon of retail therapy, we’ve accommodated it all. Be it young or old, our myriad of world-class amenities caters to all walks of life.

There’s room for everything except for the ordinary.

There are two types of people in this world, those who have fun doing everything and those who hav fun just going with the flow. Soho & Sky caters to both.

The people who live here have gone down many roads. So, we made some of them shorter.

Soho & Sky is your shortcut to the travel-free life you’ve always craved. Your homes here sit conveniently among business parks, schools, and hospitals. Not to mention, the incredible world right at your doorstep – a world filled with the things to do and things to eat, things to discover, and things to remember. A world that the rest of the city envies.