The Soho behind Soho & Sky


Soho & Sky is inspired by the world’s most famous district, New York’s Soho – an urban cultural centre that people all over the world flock to experience, but only you get to live in.

Life here’s got style.

In the downtown neighbourhood, you’ll find sleek restaurants, upscale boutiques and city lights just outside your door, creating the buzz, the energy, the verve and the joy that make life worth living.

There’s art in every brick.

Soho, New York is known for its distinctive architectural style which is being replicated here with astounding results. Sharp structures defining the elevation, its earthy hues offering a unique counterbalance to the exuberant accents of NYC...not to mention the architectural delights on the other side of the door, your side of the door.


Each home comes with great rooms with larger-than-life windows, seamlessly connected to private decks, tastefully designed ancillary spaces, and more. These homes reflect modern history, which is appropriate because they’re designed for people who will make history if they haven’t already.

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