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Buy Luxury Homes and Apartments in South Bangalore

Last Modified: 24 May 2021

Bangalore is a beautiful garden city that welcomes every person with open arms. Being one of the most important cities for educational, and career-related opportunities, Bangalore is touted as the Silicon Valley of India.  While Bangalore offers many areas that are flamboyant and vibrant, South Bangalore stands apart. According to studies, the demand for apartments and houses in South Bangalore has been on the rise for many reasons. Let us understand why people find real estate in South Bangalore a lucrative investment opportunity. Additionally, this guide will also help you find the best apartments in South Bangalore to invest in as well. 

Why South Bangalore?

Located strategically– Homes and apartments in South Bangalore are located in one of the city’s most eventful areas. South Bangalore and South-East Bangalore include areas such as Jayanagar, J.P Nagar, Koramangala, HSR Layout, BTM layout, etc. which are known to be famous commercial areas. 

  • Great social life- Since residential projects in South Bangalore are located in bustling areas, plenty of events take place. Koramangala, BTM Layout and Jayanagar are not only known for their luxurious residential projects but also for their top-rated restaurants, aesthetic cafes,  vibrant nightlife and other famous tourist attractions. 
  • Easy commute- The buses and metros are indeed a safe and comfortable option to commute to work and other important places. Investing in homes in South Bangalore provides you with easy accessibility to other localities in the city.
  • Secure and safe- Being one of the most in-demand areas for families, homes and apartments in South Bangalore are worthy investment opportunities. Another perk is not having to worry about your loved ones as it is a well-protected and safe locality. The area also brims with several parks and is the perfect match for elders and kids as it provides plenty of amenities to maintain an active lifestyle. Elders of your family can exercise, go for walks, while kids can play with their friends without any concern for their safety. 
  • Amazing weather- The weather is an added advantage! Enjoy a hot cup of coffee during the famous Bangalore monsoons, or amuse yourself with the blooming of vibrant flowers during the spring season. Whichever season it may be, Bangalore weather is here to make you smile!

Residential projects in South Bangalore are worthy investments as they bring forth several factors that promise an increase in value. Here are some of the best homes and flats in this fascinating and exuberant area:

Canvas &  Cove:

The first in the list of the best homes and apartments in South Bangalore is Canvas & Cove. These apartments are located near a glistening, blue, 137-acre lake in Begur. The homes are an architectural beauty, striking the perfect balance between luxury and sustainability. If you are looking for affordable housing in Bangalore, then Canvas & Cove will sweep you off your feet. Here are some more reasons why this might be the best option for you. 


Studio, 2 BHK and 3 BHK Lakeside Apartments


  • Zero waste to landfills 
  • Ample green cover 
  • Generation of power from solar panels and biogas plant 
  • 20,000 sq ft clubhouse decked with amenities

Unique amenities:

  • Provision for organic gardening 
  • Camping/bonfire facilities
  • Amenities for physical activities such as swimming pool, skating rinks, futsal, tennis and basketball court

Leaves & Lives:

Leaves & Lives is one of the premium residential projects in Bangalore. As the name suggests, the row houses are built around 150 trees. Start your mornings with sunlight beaming through dense and lush green trees. The melodious tweets of songbirds have the power to fix any dull day. Forget the worries of the concrete jungle and simply listen to the music of the trees, birds and the evening breeze. The project has been built to create the perfect get-away spot for its residents to completely relax and rewind. With dedicated spaces for both mental and physical wellness, this surely is one of the best residential projects in South Bangalore. 


4 BHK Luxury Row Houses 


  • 26-acre sustainable township, and 150 old-world trees
  • Groundwater recharge
  • Energy-efficient lights/time adjusted lights in common spaces and streets
  • Organic waste converter room

Unique amenities:

  • 3 badminton courts, 5 swimming pools, a yoga deck and 2 gyms
  • Skating rink, aerobics studio, steam room, volleyball court
  • Amphitheatre 
  • Organic farming space 
  • Creche and kids play area

63 Degree East

63 Degree East is one of the premium gated apartments in South Bangalore. Apart from enjoying the benefits of gated community life,  the project comes with a plethora of amenities that you can make use of in your daily lifestyle. It is not advised to step out due to COVID and the health risks that come along with it. Hence, residing in an apartment with amenities like grocery shops, ATMs, fitness centres ensure that health and safety are not compromised. Additionally, these apartments are packed with innovation and eco-friendliness. The dynamic, environmentally-conscious architecture of 63 Degree East has been built keeping in mind the preferences of all kinds of residents- seniors, families, kids, young adults, etc. Here are some of the other reasons that make this an advantageous apartment. 


2 BHK and 3 BHK Eco-luxury Apartments


  • 26-acre sustainable township 
  • 69% open space
  • Eco-friendly initiatives such as rainwater harvesting and topsoil preservation
  • Native plants and 400+ trees
  • 40,000 st ft clubhouse 

Unique amenities:

  • Organic garden
  • Terrace with seating and provision for barbeque 
  • Futsal, basketball, badminton, and squash courts 
  • Provision for cafe, spa and department store

Now that you have this insightful list of the best homes and apartments in South Bangalore, make sure to start investing before these properties sell out. The strategic location, easy commute, family-friendliness are all just some of the most important reasons residential projects in Bangalore sell like hotcakes. It is predicted that the real estate market will have a tremendous spike in demand, so make sure you invest in properties that resonate with you and provide a solid safety net for you and your family’s future. You can also check out our other blogs on various topics such as amenities you need to look for in an apartment, understand real estate market lingo and more, visit our blog page. If you want to know more about premium residential projects in Bangalore, you can check out the projects page on our website. 

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