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Apartment vs Independent House – Blog – Home Living

Last Modified: 05 Apr 2021

Searching for a new apartment means scouring the internet for hours to check for properties that meet your residential needs! We understand that it is imperative to search for necessities, such as a bedroom, proper kitchen set up, balcony, etc. However, it is also essential to check for apartment amenities! From exclusive clubhouses to multi-utility courts, there are a plethora of amenities designed to make your living space more enjoyable! 

Before we get into the topic, what are ‘apartment amenities’? They are simply any unique feature offered by the property developer. Anything beyond the essentials of an apartment can be considered an amenity. 

Apartment amenities list: What to look for? 

Community Amenities:

Recreational areas

Recreational amenities can include:

-Apartments with swimming pools

-Fitness facilities (If you are someone who goes to the gym regularly, you do not have to worry about paying for a gym membership if you choose an apartment with cardio rooms/ gym centres! Most importantly, you will also be cutting down travel time and fuel cost with an in-house gym!)

-Rooftop lounge areas

-Barbeque stations

-Apartment clubhouse

-Community garden areas

-Children’s playground

Parking/ Transportation Amenities

When it comes to parking amenities, you need to check for secure parking within the building. This is more important if you are moving to a large city. Ensure that the apartment provides you with secure parking to avoid chances of theft/ burglary. 

Parking amenities can include:

-Assigned parking spaces

-Secured garage

-Guest parking spaces

-Access to public transportation. Living close to important public transportation routes can be a huge advantage! 

Pet Amenities

If you do have a pet, be sure to do your research and understand if a particular apartment building is pet-friendly. You do not want to be stuck in a difficult situation where you have to re-home your pet because your apartment does not allow it. 

Additionally, here are some amenities you can look for:

-Pet-friendly units

-Pet parks

Other Community Amenities

Gated community

-Laundry facilities

-Community events

-Classes for hobbies/ interests

-Security guards

In-unit Apartment Amenities:

In-unit apartment amenities are the facilities that only you can access within your unit. Listed below are some of the in-unit amenities that you can familiarize yourself with:

-Large storage spaces

-Balcony space

-Energy-efficient appliances

-Large windows with ample natural light. (Note: Windows that let an abundance of natural light into your homes can be beneficial to your health!) 

Are apartment amenities free?

They are free. However, this just means that you are not providing a special fee for them. Most often, they are included in the cost while you’re buying a new home. Apartment builders often compete with each other to offer more features, as compared to the buildings nearby. The more amenities an apartment offers, they are more likely to keep their homeowners happy in the long run! 

In any case, be sure to research property developers in your preferred neighbourhood and determine what flat amenities you’d like to have within your budget. 

Are apartment amenities worth it?

While apartment amenities are not considered a necessity, it makes your life easier and enjoyable! Amenities like apartments with swimming pools, apartment clubhouses, or even fitness centers can provide a plethora of benefits in the long run! In most cases, flat amenities are worth the extra investment!

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To conclude: It can be a huge challenge to sift through various properties to find one that fits all your residential needs. If required, you can bookmark this blog so that you can come back to refer to this apartment amenities list. If you are looking to buy a property in Bangalore, you can refer to our residential projects section. You can also check our latest blog on home maintenance tips to get a better understanding of how to manage your home, especially if you are a beginner! 

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