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Benefits of staying in a cozy gated apartment in India

Last Modified: 29 Oct 2020

Home is where the heart is. While choosing a home for you and your loved ones, there are several amenities and types of houses to look at and consider. Whether you’re buying a new home to stay in or rent out, a good return on investment is always a must. Here is why opting for a gated society gives the highest ROI in terms of happiness and maximum satisfaction. 

Organized security systems

Most gated apartments come with a stringent surveillance system. Some of the implemented amenities include CCTV cameras, a database for visitors, 24/7 security personnel, fire alarms, etc.  They also have fixed entrance and exit points with solid fencing and intercoms, making sure to safeguard you from unfortunate mishaps. These amenities are especially reassuring if you have elderly people or very young children at home. 

Assured privacy

The security system in gated apartments does not allow trespassing of unverified visitors and guests who may impede you from carrying out your work. This privacy is one of the key factors for public figures and celebrities. 

Strategic location

Gated community apartments are carefully located to make sure all residents can carry out a comfortable life. Schools, colleges, malls, theatres, parks, and temples are usually only within walking distance. Many residents of a gated society enjoy having grocery stores and parks right inside the property. Besides, these apartment complexes are carefully located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They remove any noise that can hamper your day of relaxation at home.  

Activity centers

One of the best parts of living in a gated society is the abundance of activity centres. These include cycling paths, jogging tracks, swimming pools, and gymnasiums. Luxury gated communities also come with basketball courts, cricket grounds, badminton courts, etc.  This reduces the trouble of travelling after a tiring day of work when one tries to inculcate a healthy lifestyle. As for concerned parents about children having too much screen time; gated communities come with parks and playgrounds for children to enjoy the natural environment and learn to seek out exercise. 

Reduces carbon footprint

With the climate emergency that is currently ongoing, it is more important than ever that we take the necessary steps to live sustainably, maintain environmental quality, and conserve the Earth’s resources. And gated communities take care of this by providing several green features like rainwater harvesting, solar-powered lights, efficient solid waste management, and more. 


Whether it’s Diwali, Christmas, Ramzan, or Independence day, all residents come together to celebrate the festive season. Being surrounded by friends and family can instil a sense of unity and harmony. You and your family can become a part of the whole community while living in a gated apartment. 

Facilities for guests

There are many opportunities to entertain your guests. Many gated apartments have banquet halls that can be rented for birthday and engagement parties. Lawns can be used for potluck dinners, barbeques, etc. The large spaces also ensure comfort and areas to set up arrangements for guests.

Organized parking systems

While cars can be great assets to a family, buying and maintaining them can be difficult. With organized parking lots, your vehicles can be completely safe. There is also an option of requesting extra space, in case you have more than one car. Parking them in road lanes can cause scratches, damages during natural disasters, and make them susceptible to thefts. Hence, systematic parking lots can save you from such worries.  

These facilities and amenities can surely make you feel at home. It caters to the demands of all age groups and communities helping everyone get maximum satisfaction.
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