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Last Modified: 20 Oct 2022

The festival of light is approaching, sparking feelings of joy and festivity within each one of us. As you read this, you must be getting your beautiful home spring cleaned, polished, and maybe even painted for the auspicious festival of lights. Needless to say, it’s that time of the year when our artistic capabilities come to the forefront as we decorate our homes with homemade Diwali decoration items and cheerful accents. Following are some DIY Diwali decoration ideas to liven up your home!  

5 Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Diwali evokes a plethora of beautiful memories as well as the joy of togetherness and festivities. Diwali decoration craft is one way to go if you want to decorate your home in a way that expresses your fondness for the festival, adorning your home with elegance and grandeur. What’s even better? Diwali falls on October 24, a Monday, giving you a long weekend to revamp your home with the best  DIY Diwali decoration ideas! Here are some suggestions to get you going.

  1. Adding Colour to Your Home with Paper Cup Lanterns

Have you come across stashed-away coffee cups while cleaning your home this Diwali? Well, don’t throw them away yet because it’s time to finally bring those cups into use. Take them outside and use them to build some charming Diwali DIY miniature lanterns.

Requisites for making the lanterns:

  • Coffee/tea cups
  • Wrapping paper
  • Bulbs/fairy lights
  • Scissors

How to Make Paper Cup Lanterns

  1. Stick wrapping paper of various colours around the cups to create a design of your choice.
  2. Each cup needs a small hole drilled at the bottom for the lights to pass through.
  3. Hang these DIY miniature lanterns on the door or window sills to amp up your decor.

2. Fruit Candles to Fill Your Homes with Light

This time while preparing a refreshing bowl of fruit salad, let’s avoid discarding the orange and sweet lime peels. Repurpose the same for Diwali decoration craft and make fruit-scented candles out of them instead.

Requisites for making fruit candles:

  • Sweet lime or orange peels
  • Scissors
  • Tealight candles

Making Diwali DIY Fruit Candles Method

  1. Take the peels of the sliced orange or sweet lime.
  2. Place the tealights inside the empty peels.
  3. Light it up to feel the zesty, fresh scent!
  4. Using a good pair of scissors, you may alternatively cut the peel in a pattern you like.

3. Creative CD DIYs to Bring Holiday Cheer into Your Home

Several damaged CDs are lying around our home, so why not utilise them for our DIY Diwali decoration ideas?

What you’ll need to make DIY CDs:

  • CDs with wear and damage
  • Glitter/stickers
  • Fevicol 
  • Diya/tealights

How To Make DIY CDs

  1. Put an adequate amount of fevicol on the CD.
  2. Add some colourful glitter of your choice.
  3. Put some more fevicol in the centre and stick the tealight or diya to it.
  4. Additionally, you may use little stickers or paint to adorn the DIY decor.

4. Doorway Diwali Decoration

Door hangings with a traditional design are widely available in the market. You can always use them as inspiration to create your own Diwali DIY door hangings. Utilise unused items from your home to create a functional door hanging.

5. Flower Decoration for Diwali 

Another easily accessible decorative item that you can utilise for your DIY Diwali decoration ideas is flowers. Flowers are the best accessory to decorate your home. You can use real flowers or even create DIY paper flowers to make this Diwali 2022 an environmentally friendly one.

We hope this blog has helped ignite your creative skills. This Diwali, take out some free time and engage with your family to enhance your space with homemade Diwali decoration items. Manifest your crafting power, prepare your tools, and hop in! Watch your living space come to life. 

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