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Land investment: Everything you need to know

Last Modified: 05 Dec 2022

Land Investment: Everything you need to know

In India, land investment has always been prevalent. Real estate has undoubtedly become one of the most popular long-term investment options. When done correctly, real estate investing will always be a tried-and-true method of increasing your wealth and income flow. Plot land investments are also getting increasingly popular as the preferred choice for High-Net-Worth Individuals alongside residences.

Is land investment really one of the best investments for the long term?

Bangalore offers investors numerous plot investment options in various price ranges. Due to the high returns and manageable investment expenses, owning a property continues to be one of the most dependable ways to create wealth and assets. Owing to the purchasers’ preferences, several reputable developers have acquired land lots across cities. Plot land investment has the potential for faster monetization if you look at solutions matching your long-term investment goals.

Let’s go through some of the additional main factors that make a land investment or plot investment the fastest-growing form of investment:

Low Initial Investment 

Purchasing a piece of land is often less expensive than purchasing a ready-to-move-in property. Most plotted developments are tucked away from the city hustle and bustle but without interfering with the connectivity, which accounts for the low cost. They can be purchased without much financial strain, even by new investors.

Freedom To Create Your Own Space

With a plot or land investment, you get the complete freedom to construct your dream home as per your preference of style, layout, interiors, etc. If the planned community is gated, then even better because you will also have access to the upscale amenities and common areas. 

Appreciating Asset

Plots have the potential to appreciate much faster than residential properties as the surrounding infrastructure impacts the value of the land. So, when we see the expenditure required for plot investment and the return on that, there is a significant margin for you to reap.

A Finite Resource

One thing about land investment is that it makes you keep a finite asset. While many high-rise developments will continue to emerge with additional luxury living styles, the land is limited for ownership. So, in the long run, there is a high probability that the value of the land will rise exponentially.

Less Maintenance

Owning land not only saves you from paying hefty maintenance costs but also the literal practice of repair and revamp. Apart from fencing the plot, mowing, or general security, plot investments usually don’t involve many maintenance aspects.

Easy Handover

There is almost zero gap between a land purchase and its possession. An empty plot of land takes significantly less time for handover after purchase as opposed to buying a home. They need no strenuous construction completion time that you – as an owner – have to wait for its complete handover and possession. Hence, yet another reason to indulge in land investments.

Without a doubt, land investment is a smart move for your future as it is regarded as one of the best investments yielding substantial results in the long term. It is far preferable to other short-term investment options in terms of security and earnings. However, it is of utmost importance to conduct an extensive study about the area, its potential development, and the community before making your purchase decision.

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