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Review on benefits of sustainable living

Last Modified: 28 May 2019

In recent times, or in ‘the millennial age’, topics such as global warming and sustainability are of great concern. With commercial and technological developments occurring everywhere, not many think of the consequences that could take place if one does not choose to be eco-friendly. The CEO of Assetz Property Group, Mr. Ben Salmon, wrote an insightful article about Sustainability and Real Estate that was recently published in the May 2019 edition of CIO review.

About the article

Salmon highlights the prospective changes that could be done with regard to the scenario around us. Population changes, environmental degradation and energy consumption have resulted in several things being impacted – and one of them is the real estate sector.

The real estate sector, according to Salmon, will have to begin changing their ideals and head towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach. It is the role of every individual to work towards a sustainable future that will allow the future generations to live in peace. With urbanisation and an increase in population, green buildings are considered to be one of the wisest options to invest in. In order to be more environmentally responsible and protect precious resources for when they are actually needed, green buildings are built to be more efficient and eco-friendly. This works for both the consumer and the builder.

Green buildings and resource efficiency

According to Salmon, “Green buildings are structures that use less water, optimise energy efficiency and promote the conservation of other available natural resources.” Thus, from the first to the last stage of the building, resource efficiency is key. This means that natural light and waste recycling methods are greatly considered. Sometimes, these small changes can go a long way. For instance, although a building may take up a large amount of space risking the environment, efforts to protect the environment will still take place.

With talks about global warming and climate change on the rise, Salmon addresses some of the most relevant issues concerning energy and water conservation. He highlights the prospective growth of green energy, if conscious efforts are taken by every individual globally. Salmon also mentions the initial construction cost that people will have to keep in mind. While they may be relatively higher, he specifies the greater benefits that can be reaped by living sensibly in the long run.

The future matters. And this is what the CEO of Assetz group stressed upon the most in his article. Assetz Property Group not only regards the needs of the consumer, but also the needs of the environment we live in. You can read the full article about green buildings and the future of conservation here.

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