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Checklist for NRIs to Invest in Real Estate

The Indian real estate sector has remained the favourite basket for NRIs offering a variety of alternatives in terms of location, booming economy and the potential to generate significant returns. As numerous metropolitan cities continue to grow, it ...

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Real estate investment for NRIs in Bangalore

The Indian real estate market, which was once believed to be exclusive to the local communities, is not so anymore. Today, a major chunk of Non-Residential Indians or NRIs are investing shoulder to shoulder with Indians in the growing demand for hous...

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Things NRIs should know while investing in real

Investing in the real estate market in India has never seemed so attractive to Non-Resident Indians.  With the move by the Indian government to regulate the real estate sector, bringing in more transparency and accountability through RERA, there...

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Review on benefits of sustainable living

In recent times, or in ‘the millennial age’, topics such as global warming and sustainability are of great concern. With commercial and technological developments occurring everywhere, not many think of the consequences that could take place if o...

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Top companies to work for in Bangalore

When it comes to our country’s IT boom, no other city takes precedence quite like Bangalore. But there are several other notable descriptions that perfectly match Bangalore’s vibe. The cosmopolitan crowd, vibrant lifestyle and charming buildings....