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Top companies to work for in Bangalore

Last Modified: 16 Apr 2019

When it comes to our country’s IT boom, no other city takes precedence quite like Bangalore. But there are several other notable descriptions that perfectly match Bangalore’s vibe. The cosmopolitan crowd, vibrant lifestyle and charming buildings. Over the past decade, Bangalore has shed its image of a vacation city and has morphed into a modern hotspot that sees an influx of young professionals and business people looking to make their mark. As a result, Bangalore’s real estate market has witnessed a sharp rise which has further led to the development of many prime localities. One of these well-known areas is Whitefield. Whitefield is among Bangalore’s most thriving localities and is home to many of the biggest MNCs in the city. Here’s a quick rundown of the top companies in Whitefield.

Genisys Group

The Genisys Group is one of the world’s largest and most prominent new age technology companies. Primarily a B2B organisation, the Genisys Group helps clients reimagine their policies and procedures to adapt to a digital-first world. The company’s services range from finance and accounting to cloud applications; they provide solutions around digital and data using emerging technology and smart business operations to fulfil their clients’ requirements. The Genisys Group is present in three major geographical hubs namely the USA, UK and India. Their Indian headquarters is located in Bangalore’s Whitefield area.

IBM Global Services

IBM Services is the professional services division of the IT giant IBM group. This branch provides clients with services designed to help them design, build and run businesses successfully. IBM GBS provides a portfolio of IT solutions including management and strategy consulting, application management services and systems integration. The company also comprises of seven specific service lines namely digital strategy, cognitive business decision support, cognitive process re-engineering, cloud migration services, ADM innovation and NextGen expert advisory.

Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies is a German hardware company and one of the most renowned names in the world. The company was founded in April 1999, as an offset of parent company Seimens AG. Infineon Technologies offers a wide number of services in hardware and software on a spectrum that ranges across industries like digital security, automotive, smartcard technology, electronics and computing. Headquartered in Germany, Infineon Technologies has branches all over the world in several countries like Singapore, Japan, Romania, Austria and, of course, India. Their Bangalore branch is located in Whitefield and is amongst the top companies in Whitefield.

SAP Labs India

SAP is a global leader and SaaS company with a connected network of 20 Labs in 17 countries. Headquartered in Germany, SAP is the world leader in software-related services. With years of experience as thought leaders and innovators in the field of software and technology, SAP Labs now has a strong foothold in India with one of their primary branches in Bangalore’s Whitefield area. This leading B2B firm deals with business software solutions that help generate better opportunities for companies in terms of innovation and growth. The company is without a doubt, one of the top companies in Bangalore.

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services has branches all over India and is a household name in our country. This multinational IT superpower is one of the most prominent wings of the world-renowned Tata Group. The company is headquartered in Mumbai with branches across the country as well as a global presence in 46 countries. TCS offers a multitude of services that range from business operations, systems integration to quality engineering, IT and enterprise solutions. It is currently one of India’s largest companies in terms of market capitalisation as well as one of the top companies in Bangalore.

Nova Nordisk

Nova Nordisk is a Danish pharmaceutical company with a global presence in over 79 countries. Nova Nordisk manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products and services, with a major focus on diabetes medication and services. With over 95 years of experience in innovation in diabetes care, Nova Nordisk’s India branch is located in Bangalore and the pharma giant plans on expanding across the country by 2020.

Manhattan Associates Inc

Manhattan Associates Inc is a global leader and provider of supply-chain and Omnichannel commerce. The company has a multinational presence, operating out of five geographical segments – America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific. Their solutions include coordinating with people, workflow, assets and data for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, governments and other organisations.

Mindtree Limited

Mindtree Limited is a multinational IT and outsourcing company with headquarters in New Jersey and Bangalore. The company delivers digital transformation and technology services from ideation to execution and deals in e-commerce, cloud computing, data analytics, mobile apps, enterprise resource planning and much more. As of July 2018, Mindtree Limited services 339 active clients in 43 offices across 17 countries. Suffice to say that Whitefield in Bangalore is an IT hub in itself. If you’re an IT professional living in Bangalore, then living in Whitefield would certainly provide you with multiple benefits. Not only will you be close to your place of work, but if you have young children, you can enrol them at any of these top schools in Whitefield. If you are looking for options to invest in, why not consider the prestigious Marq 2.0? These 2 and 3 BHK apartments are made for the global Indian – with impeccable amenities, mind-blowing facilities and stunning landscaping that will transport you to a lush, tropical abode whilst living in one of India’s most commercial cities. Head over to Assetz Property Group to buy or invest in your dream home in Whitefield and live your best life today!

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