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Rise of eco-friendly spaces in the post Covid era

Last Modified: 24 Jun 2020

In the last several months, COVID-19 has brought significant changes to our everyday lives. This has impacted various human activities on a large scale, which has generated impactful change. For example, lockdown measures taken by countries around the world halted travel by air and road which resulted in a massive drop in the levels of air pollution.

And while it has been a difficult time to cope with the fears that the pandemic has brought, the environment has fared much better with lowered levels of human intervention and activity. As cities begin to slowly return to normal, it is important that we make the most of the positive impacts seen and change our ways.

An easy way to meet a wide range of sustainable goals in a post-COVID-19 world is through eco-friendly developments and sustainable housing. 

Sustainable waste management

With the lockdown measures in place, many cities and residents came to realize that solid waste management was not as easy to deal with. Employees of municipal corporations continued to handle operations, but this was at a decreased capacity to ensure the safety of the workers. With waste piling up for several days, many welfare associations took it upon themselves to begin compost pits to manage wet waste better. 

Eco-friendly developments are usually a step ahead as builders realize that waste that is left to rot in a landfill can lead to the production of harmful gases that affect the environment. To curb this, they plan and execute structural designs within the building itself. This is why solid waste management measures are in place already which help to fertilize plants and provide nutrients to the soil. Many eco-friendly housing developments also have biogas plants that convert waste to repurpose as a source of renewable, clean fuel. 

Water conservation 

As the world has witnessed stark changes in the environment, there is a growing consensus that we need to rethink our habits and do our bit to continue seeing positive change. Water conservation is one such key area that needs to be focused on. 

This is where the need for eco-friendly developments comes in as these homes integrate simple design and structural concepts to enable effortless and efficient water conservation. With measures like rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plants, groundwater recharging, and dual piping systems, an eco-friendly housing development saves, collects, and repurposes water for responsible usage. 

Energy-saving measures

Since most people have been working from home, a majority of companies have found that remote working is a practical option to remain functional while keeping everyone safe. This has also helped to conserve energy considerably and save costs. Because it will take time for the pandemic to settle down, many companies are also considering alternate work setups and policies that allow for continued remote work. 

If more people will be working from home, it may become essential to re-evaluate energy consumption patterns at home for many. Especially since there will be a higher number of air conditioners, lights, fans, and other electrical appliances in use on a daily basis. Eco-friendly developments incorporate smart technology and structural designs to make this simpler. With LED lighting, solar panels, and well-insulated homes, it is a lot easier to conserve energy at home.

Green cover

COVID-19 has made us realise the importance of green outdoor spaces. Having been cooped up inside for months on end makes us more appreciative of nature and all that it offers us. Many have reported seeing more plants and flowers blooming and growing, and an increase in the number of birds they can spot in and around their area. Green spaces also provide us with fresh air and help us practice positive thinking to remain stress-free. 

There is a need for eco-friendly developments all the more for this reason. These residential structures provide plenty of green cover with an abundance of trees, parks, plants, and more. This makes it easier for residents to step out and enjoy the outdoors, as it is within the vicinity that they live in. More importantly, a larger number of eco-friendly developments allow higher oxygen levels, cleaner air, and clearer skies.

Thus it is abundantly clear that an eco-friendly development can help achieve these goals effortlessly. They provide all the necessary amenities and meet all the requirements to help you live sustainably. In the current scenario with the pandemic, and even in a post-COVID world, sustainable housing projects take care of all needs. Waste management is no longer a hassle, electricity bills are not steep, and there is a longer list of things to do at home with wider, greener spaces around.
If you would like to live more responsibly for the environment and are looking at ways to reduce your carbon footprint, finding an eco-friendly development is a great step. Assetz Property Group’scarbon healing homes are a great place to begin, checking all the boxes for a sustainable home, providing all these features, and much more.

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