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List of things to do at home in lockdown

Last Modified: 23 Apr 2020

With the global pandemic and a national lockdown in place, we have all been confined to the safety of our homes. Millions of children are no longer going to school across the country, and most working professionals are operating remotely from their homes. While it is important to stay safe and practice social distancing, there is a list of things to do at home to stave off the onset of boredom. This is also a great opportunity to make the most of the extra time you have on your hands now that the hours of commuting have been cut down to zero.

Work on home renovations

If you’ve been putting off that home project for a while, now is the perfect time to get cracking. Whether it’s adding a fresh lick of paint to your walls or furniture, making the switch to LED lights, or fixing the wobbly coffee table, these can all become fun things to do at home when you include other members of your household. You can also gather the family to get creative with some eco-friendly home decor ideas to add life to bare walls and modest spaces.


With the onset of spring, this is the perfect time to indulge in some yard work. Being out in the fresh air with nature all around can be therapeutic, especially if you’re beginning to feel bored at home or cramped staying indoors. Ensure that you are working in solitude when you step out. Otherwise, you can turn it into one of the many fun activities for kids at home by teaching them the basics of gardening. 

Put on the chef’s hat

Blow off the dust from those recipe books lining your shelves and experiment with new recipes for one meal a day. Not only is the kitchen one of the best places to explore fun things to do at home, but it’s a place you can learn so much, varying from recipes and nutrition to patience and the joy in spending time with loved ones. This can also be an opportunity to make the most of the kitchen garden you’ve been nurturing.

Get in some exercise 

Of all the things to do at home, getting enough exercise and vitamin D is critical to staying healthy – and this includes mentally, physically, and emotionally too. Make use of terraces and balconies during this time to fit in an hour’s worth of a workout, whether it’s with yoga, running laps, circuits, jump ropes, or even a brisk walk. For kids, a game of hopscotch or tag may be more fun and suitable. Even if you are utilizing outdoor spaces on your own, ensure it’s at an hour that’s relatively quiet and isolated. If there are other outdoors, maintain an appropriate distance from them.

Spend quality time with the kids

Children are more imaginative and less likely to be bored as long as there are fun activities for kids at home to keep them occupied. Ask them what kind of games or activities they enjoy, and let out your inner child to spend quality time with them. Build a fortress in the living room with all the pillows in the house, break out the board games, or marathon a few of Disney’s best classics with unlimited popcorn.

These are just a few of the long list of things to do at home. With so many online spaces as well, there is so much to learn and explore during this time. However, one of the key things to take away with the current scenario around the world is the environmental impact that has shone through in these last few weeks. With birds and animals making more appearances in the absence of humans, and water and the air becoming more clear, the reality of humanity’s impact on nature is more evident now than ever. 
We should all think about how we can carry forward this balance in the environment that is being restored as well by looking at how to reduce our carbon footprints, living more sustainably, and becoming change-makers. Check out Assetz Property’s homes that enable eco-friendly living to make it a way of life without any compromises.

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