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5 unique kitchen garden ideas for your home

Last Modified: 15 Jul 2019

As the saying goes – There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments. Maintaining a kitchen garden at home is not only a great way to de-stress after a long day, but also a healthy alternative to buying packaged foods from the store. To add to that, it is cost-effective and provides you with the option of fresh produce at just the stretch of a hand. However, when it comes to kitchen garden ideas, there is no one-size-fits-all. All you need is a small space, basic gardening skills and a pinch of imagination. Here are a few kitchen garden ideas to get you started.

Many plants one pot

Using one big pot to plant multiple plants is one of the best kitchen garden ideas, especially if you are planting in a small space. Use a large pot like a big tub or barrel to plant a set of crops that are compatible with each other. Not only will this help you save space, but also pose as a great home décor tip to transform your abode. You can opt for compatible plants like corn and beans, tomatoes and cabbage or spinach and radish. The best aspect of growing compatible plants is that you can grow vegetables and flowering plants together, making your garden both productive and attractive. However, do not forget to drill holes at the bottom of the pot to air the soil and drain out excessive water.

Reuse reduce recycle

A kitchen garden is where you can put all your recycling talent to play. Do not bother investing in elaborate pots and fancy-looking jars. Instead, scan your home for items that can be reused in a quirky manner. For example, you can use old plastic bottles as pots and paint them in appealing colours and designs to add some drama to your kitchen garden. Think out of the box and find literally anything that can hold soil for herbs to grow – from coffee cups and teapots to used tin containers. Feeling adventurous to go the extra mile? Indulge in a DIY-project of making plant holders by fixing mason jars on an old wooden cutting board. Needless to say, the sky is the limit to how creative you can get!

Think vertical

Space is no longer a constraint in urban kitchen gardens. Walls, railings and room dividers can be used as space for plantation too. Let your imagination soar while thinking of vertical kitchen garden ideas that complement your interior design style. You can opt for an herb wall by putting an old canvas shoe organizer to use. You can also remodel an old bookshelf by placing vibrant pots or herbs and flowers in it, along with offbeat showpieces that compliment your plants.  When it comes to vertical gardening, even your choice of plants makes a huge difference. Opt for vines and creepers that can use your balcony railings as support and create a lush and sophisticated effect.

Elevated square-foot garden

One of the best kitchen garden ideas for beginners is to opt for a tabletop gardening method with each square foot assigned to one crop. This will help in keeping a close watch on your produce while eliminating the need to bend down every time you water your plants or look for weeds. You can take things up a notch by placing labels of the crops grown in each square foot. Elevated gardening is also a great way to help the elderly or those with a back injury. Additionally, with an elevated garden, you can place a few potted plants below the tabletop as well. This ensures the plants underneath are safe from direct sunlight and also adds a new-age charm to your garden.

Keep calm and compost

Making your own compost at home is one of the best kitchen garden ideas for nutrient-rich soil. It also plays a huge role in reducing the amount of garbage generated at home, which in turn helps in nurturing the environment. All you need is a sunny spot where you can place your compost bin. Some of the household items that can be composted include egg shells, grounded coffee, tea bags, toothpicks and newspapers, to name a few. You can also use vegetable and fruit waste. Give the compost pile a good two weeks to turn the trash into rich soil that can be used in your kitchen garden as a natural fertilizer. These kitchen garden ideas are guaranteed to help you grow your crops with much-needed love and care. They will also play a huge role in improving the aesthetics of your space. However, a charming kitchen garden can only be complemented with an impeccable home that is designed for happy memories. Looking for your haven in bustling city life? Head out to Assetz Property Group today and find your dream home in the best residential areas of Bangalore

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