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The need to become an environmentally concerned citizen

Last Modified: 14 Nov 2017
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Simple design concepts in buildings save water without compromising lifestyle.

An alarming report tabled in parliament a few years back by the ministry of water resources, indicated that groundwater water levels has declined across the nation[1]. Globally, with the possible exception of a few locations, nations are staring at what can be called a ‘man-made’ water crisis. The need for responsible practices in water consumption and water conservation is more important now than ever before. Choose a property that is planned better by property developers, which will promote responsible usage of water and lessen the effects of the looming water crisis.

Water conservation – what you need to look for in your next home.

Water conservation efforts and proposals sometimes do not receive the support required, mainly due to apprehensions of change in lifestyle or a displacement from comfort zones. Properties and residential high rises can incorporate better water conservation designs that cut down on the usage of water without the need for changes in lifestyle.

Water Treatment Plants/Sewage Treatment Plants – Look for residential complexes that have STPs. Such properties rely on recycled water which is used for non-potable requirements such as flushing and gardening, without drawing additional groundwater. STPs have the capacity to handle large volumes of waste water, which help to maintain the manicured gardens and supply water through separate lines for flushing.

Rainwater Harvesting – Choose a property that incorporates RWH designs in the construction. This facilitates the collection of rainwater which is piped to storage tanks, from where the water is either drawn directly or used to recharge aquifers/ground water levels. By recharging aquifers, residents of such properties will not face problems of groundwater shortage, as the ground water levels will not dip low.

Dual piping systems – The property that incorporates water reclamation through STPs needs to feature dual piping systems for the reclaimed water to be piped separately. Choose a property that features this additional network of pipes, because, in the absence of such piping, the whole idea of water conservation would be lost. The amount of recycled water that comes out of the STPs after treatment can support non-potable uses easily.

Dual flush systems in toiletsInnovations in flushing systems have introduced dual flush systems wherein separate buttons are made available for flushing liquid waste and solid waste. This is a huge design improvement which cuts down on wastage of water, without compromising on hygiene. Look for such design incorporations in your next home. A property that has these features is an indication of a responsible design and development.

Fixtures that conserve waterNew model faucets and showerheads feature designs that greatly reduce the amount of water used. These novel designs offer the same experience as a regular shower or faucet, while cutting down on water flow. Research has indicated that most of the water that is dispensed through faucets and showers actually end up being wasted. The new fixtures regulate the water flow, efficiently. For instance, some faucets atomize the water flow through smaller pores, resulting in lesser wastage.

Uncomplicated and superior water conservation concepts – standard features at 63°East off Sarjapur and Here & Now

As a responsible developer of prime location properties, Assetz Property Group demonstrates the care towards the environment and the future by incorporating designs that greatly help water conservation efforts without compromising on lifestyles. Assetz 63° East off Sarjapur Road and Assetz Here & Now, behind Embassy Manyata Business Park feature a host of designs that include rainwater harvesting and ground water recharging apart from the exclusive use of recycled water for landscaping activities.  STPs recycle water that is piped separately for non-potable uses like flushing, while the dual flush systems in the toilets cut down on wasteful usage of water. All homes feature highly efficient water fixtures that cut down on wastage. Concepts are carefully chosen, since Assetz Property Group believes that the means to the end is equally important.


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