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How to stay positive and mindful during quarantine

Last Modified: 26 May 2020

There are a number of ways the pandemic has affected us all. Most of us can see the social, physical, and even financial disruptions these times have had on us. However, it’s important to take stock of our mental well-being as well. Many of us may be feeling overwhelmed with different fears weighing over us, combined with the separation from loved ones and the lack of freedom we are now experiencing. Moreover, for many people, job security, fear and uncertainty of the disease, financial insecurity, and the stress of working from home can all add to the burden. 

In times like this, it is more important than ever to learn how to relax your mind and practice positive thinking. Since people cope differently, you should consider different ways to stay mindful to see what works best for you.

Try a calming activity

It can help to control our inner worlds when the world outside feels chaotic. This can be done with different activities, from yoga for positive thinking to meditation for relaxation. Holding your thoughts, your balance or a pose can help you create a stillness within. These calming activities can often refocus our thoughts and help us realize that several of our fears and worries grow when we pay them too much attention. 

Yoga for positive thinking works to synchronize the body and mind, and fixing your breathing, circulation, and diet can help promote a more relaxed state of mind. Practising mindful deep breathing helps to soothe any nervousness and tension as well. Mandalas and other types of art can also serve as meditation for relaxation. Some people also turn to jigsaw puzzles, sudoku, crosswords, word searches and other mind-stimulating activities that can be done at one’s own pace, while simultaneously working to divert attention away from negative thoughts. And, something as simple as taking a warm bath with candles and your favourite essential oils can also be rejuvenating.

Change your space

Since many of us are working from home, we may often find that we are practically tethered to our work stations for the better part of the day. And staying stuck within the same few walls at home can have a negative impact on mental and emotional health. Which is why it is important to get up and switch rooms every so often. 

For example, you can try to ensure that your lunch is at the dining table instead of at your desk. You can also make time to be in some green spaces. Going outside for a walk or jog is unsafe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of a balcony or a set of large open windows. Pull up some beanbags or chairs every day with a pitcher of iced tea to watch the sunset. Revelling in the colours of the golden hour on the trees and plants around can work wonders when you’re deliberating how to relax your mind after what feels like an endless day.

Another great way to practice positive thinking is to utilize other spaces around the house. Designate a table that goes unused most of the time for a clutter of art supplies so that you can lose yourself with a painting after work, or clear out the hallway for an energetic dance workout. You can even carve out a tranquil space to practise yoga for positive thinking on your balcony with the serene views of the sky. 

Try something new 

It can be easy to fall into a slump with boredom and inactivity, which is why it’s important to mix things up a little from time to time. Trying something new to practice positive thinking because it helps shift your energy and mind towards something fresh and imaginative. 

There’s a long list of things to do at home, which can range from donning those gardening gloves to pulling out a new recipe to finally put that kitchen garden to use. If activities like meditation for relaxation aren’t your groove, it’s possible you need to keep busy with recreation that makes you happy. You can try something new by changing up the interiors to design your bedroom differently. Vintage decor is relatively easy to recreate, which can further lead you to many other eco-friendly home decor ideas

Shift your focus 

Instead of focusing on what you cannot control, it can help to think about the future. Practice positive thinking by analysing what changes you can implement to work towards the goals you have set for yourself. By understanding how you can get to work on them now, you can shift your focus and energy towards affecting real change. 

This can take shape as personal goals, family goals, financial goals, or even sustainable goals. This pandemic has definitely opened more minds up to the fact that our way of living can tend to be unsustainable, and a lifestyle that is environment-friendly is not out of anyone’s reach. With such a stark difference seen in the pollution and noise levels, a positive impact has been created on different ecosystems everywhere. This balance is important for our own survival as well. 

With eco-friendly housing developments, you can learn to imbibe sustainable living as a way of life. Moreover, these projects are surrounded by nature. Living around greenery can help you practice positive thinking with a happier, healthier lifestyle for you and your loved ones. And with vibrant, open spaces around you, it can be easier to put all of these tips into practice. Check out Assetz Property Group to know more on homes that enable you to live life alongside nature, without any compromise on luxury. 

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