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Experience the luxury of Mixed-Use Development | Assetz

The idea of having to commute in Bangalore’s traffic has made all of us shudder. With rapid expansion and haphazard town planning, the city faces several issues such as traffic congestion, a decrease in green spaces and even inefficient use of land...

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Bringing back a green Bangalore with sustainable houses

How often have you reminisced about the old Bangalore? One that was famous for its charm and held the title of the Garden City of India proudly?   Cities often evolve, with each evolution trying to accommodate the needs and desires of its r...

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Benefits of Community Living with luxury homes in

The Indian real estate market has changed dramatically since its inception years ago. Increasing urbanisation and population growth have driven up the demand for residential properties in cities to new heights. Recognising this need, we at Assetz rea...

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Importance of natural lighting and ventilation at home

Sunlight and the benefits from it are both available in abundance. Basking in the warm sun is not just great for gorgeous “sunkissed” Instagram pictures but your overall well-being as well. We require natural lighting like the plants that require...

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Living Sensibilities- Smart living in 2021

A life that is enhanced by smart design, supported by sound innovations and inspired by the wise use of space. The Assetz Living Sensibilities series of blogs present you with tips, information and views to take your way of living to the next level. ...

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A guide to solid waste management

Picture this: You have just bought a palatial flat in a sophisticated gated community. The facilities are great, the house is spacious, the neighbors are friendly, and everything beams with positivity. But, despite everything appearing so glossy and ...