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The Handy Pest Control Guide For Your Home

Pest infestation is any home owner’s worst nightmare and can lead to major problems such as structural damages and serious health consequences for you and your family. Keeping your home free from pests including rats, termites, moles, house mice, a...

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Get on the Move

Last year, Bengaluru began one section of its Namma metro service in the east-west corridor, carrying 100,000 commuters a day, giving an escape from the overcrowded Bangalore roads. The city breathed a sigh of relief! Bengaluru has an underlying asso...

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Compact House: The New Way of Living

by The Assetz Team The Indian economy is on a growth trajectory, and is expected to maintain the momentum for the next five years. One of the growth drivers of the economy is the young population; they are contributing significantly to the GDP by spu...

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A collective step towards a better future for

by Alexie Seller Hey, my name is Alexie Seller. I’m a cofounder and COO of Pollinate Energy, a social enterprise that we started to directly tackle the problems facing families in the city slums of India. India is going through a rapid urbanisation...