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Best area to live in Bangalore | Assetz Property

Last Modified: 29 Apr 2019

The Peripheral Ring Road in Bangalore has garnered a lot of attention since its proposed construction in 2005. This 102 km elevated corridor aims at addressing the city’s traffic woes and congestion. If you live in Bangalore, the construction of the Peripheral Ring Road can prove extremely beneficial. Read on for more details.

Why is the Peripheral Ring Road important?

The Peripheral Ring Road Bangalore aims at decluttering the city and encircles the Outer Ring Road – another arterial road that links multiple areas to each other. The entire project is planned to span 102 km in length with six corridors in total – three primary and three connecting corridors. Each corridor will be designed with four to six lanes to facilitate the movement of traffic at 80 km per hour.

Upon completion within the next eight to ten years, the Peripheral Ring Road Bangalore will span the length and breadth of the city connecting the centre to east-west and north-south. Here’s a closer look at the impact and benefits of Peripheral Ring Road on the Garden City.

Unparalleled connectivity

Intended to act as a central loop in the city, the Peripheral Ring Road Bangalore’s three major corridors will connect the following areas:

  • North-South Corridor – Hebbal Flyover to Silk Board Junction
  • East-West Corridor – KR Puram to Gorguntepalaya
  • East-West Corridor 2 – Varthur to Jnanabharathi Junction

Once completed, the Peripheral Ring Road will offer connectivity like no other, reducing traffic woes and maximising the efficiency of transport and travel.

Boost in Bangalore’s real estate

The Peripheral Ring Road Bangalore is sure to see multiple upcoming real estate projects in the form of IT and ITeS parks, aerospace SEZs, as well as warehousing and logistics companies – all of which will benefit from connectivity through the Peripheral Ring Road Bangalore. Along with seamless connectivity, the Peripheral Ring Road will offer separate corridors for local and outstation traffic, a dedicated bus corridor as well as vehicular and pedestrian underpasses. Not only will these plans afford faster and more efficient commute, they will also give a further boost to areas around the Peripheral Ring Road in terms of potential real estate projects. Furthermore, you can check out our blog on best places to make your home in Bangalore now!

Reduced commute time

One of Bangalore’s biggest worries is a packed commute. Thousands of commuters spend hours on the road getting to and from their homes to workplaces and vice versa. The main aim of the Peripheral Ring Road Bangalore is to serve one purpose – cut down congestion and ease vehicular movement. As a result, the Peripheral Ring Road will be a boon for commuters, particularly those travelling to the South of the city. The development of the Peripheral Ring Road will further provide an impetus to the growth of South Bangalore. In particular, those living or working near Bangalore’s International Airport, Varthur Road, Tumkur Road and Old Madras Road, will no longer find commuting a challenge.

Planned urban expansion

The city of Bangalore is continuously expanding its boundaries and requires thoughtful urban planning. The same can be said about the Peripheral Ring Road Bangalore. As per the Bengaluru Master Plan 2031, a minimum distance of 1 km on either side of the three main corridors will afford more substantial area development, including planning for open spaces, green spaces, and other physical and social infrastructure needs of various neighbourhoods. You can also read our blog on why investing in Bangalore’s outskirts is a great idea.

Benefits to landowners

Part of the construction of the Peripheral Ring Road Bangalore will take place on stretches of agricultural developed and built-upon land. With effective land readjustment schemes, the Peripheral Ring Road could potentially bring together several landowners who pool their portions of land together. Once an appropriate amount of land has been deducted for social infrastructure, amenities, affordable housing and so on, the government shapes the remaining land into organised plots, which are then distributed back to the respective landowners. The landowners, hence, become stakeholders in the development of the Peripheral Ring Road. Don’t forget to check out what it takes to become a landowner here.

Uplifting social infrastructure

Social infrastructure and realty are two sides of the same coin. When one shows an increase in development, the other follows and acts as a catalyst to further growth. Given the massive boost to real estate in areas surrounding the Peripheral Ring Road Bangalore, builders and developers will also focus their efforts on creating appropriate social infrastructure in the form of shopping malls, hospitals, educational institutions, green spaces, etc. Not only will this attract new homebuyers, but it will further boost growth and development in multiple burgeoning localities surrounding the Peripheral Ring Road Bangalore. With so many benefits to offer, the Peripheral Ring Road in Bangalore is teeming with real estate potential. If you wish to buy or invest in a new home near this architectural marvel, check out Leaves & Lives and 63°East for new-age row houses and apartments that exude sophisticated luxury. Head over to Assetz Property Group and peruse our range of projects in the best residential areas in Bangalore.

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