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Easy Vastu tips you can follow to bring

According to Vastu Shastra, a home that emanates the right kind of energy is important for the health and happiness of its residents. Vastu Shastra is an advanced traditional science that acts as a guide to help us make our homes positive and welcomi...

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Property documents checklist: A guide for homebuyers in

When you decide to buy a new residential property, it is crucial to have knowledge about the property documents involved in the process. Most often, a first-time homebuyer is unaware of the paperwork required for closing the deal. Collecting and thor...

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Fixed vs Floating Interest Rates For Your Home

Choosing a loan to invest in your dream home can be complicated, especially for first-time homebuyers. One of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing a home loan is the interest rate. Potential home buyers have two ty...

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Buying a second home in 2021? Here are

Buying a second home is twice as special. First, because you are investing the second time around, proving that your first investment was a good decision. Second, because you will now be the proud owner of two properties, with a steady income and lon...

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Your Ultimate Guide to Living in Whitefield

The vibrant and bustling city of Bangalore exudes a charming and modern lifestyle with its glorious weather, cosmopolitan populace and rapid pace. The number of IT parks, startups and MNCs see a continual influx of professionals from across the count...

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Best area to live in Bangalore | Assetz

The Peripheral Ring Road in Bangalore has garnered a lot of attention since its proposed construction in 2005. This 102 km elevated corridor aims at addressing the city’s traffic woes and congestion. If you live in Bangalore, the construction of th...