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Why Studio Flat Is A Good Investment In 2021?

Last Modified: 26 Oct 2021

The cities become busier, spaces become smaller, therefore investments have to be smarter. While every person tries to find a space to fit their needs in their fast-paced lives, 2 or 3 BHK apartments have become expensive and excessive as well. This is where the brilliance of a studio flat becomes evident.

What does a studio flat mean?

A studio flat is a kind of living space that contains most of your living needs in one large area. It usually fits a living room, bedroom, and dining room in a single space, with a delineated space just for your bathroom or a chic little balcony. Therefore, a studio flat means that it’s all-encompassing and self-sufficient. 

Why should you invest in a studio flat?

There are several green flags that indicate why studio flats are a great investment, especially in metropolitan cities like Bangalore.

1. Affordable:

Theoretically, the smaller the space, the cheaper the price. Although the studio home designs are quite compact, they don’t fall short of any facility a young homeowner requires. This is ideal for anyone looking to invest in a property in the city, within a lower price range. 

2. Growing demand:

With the growth in infrastructure and industries, there are more working-class people moving to the cities. With space continuing to become a scarce resource, those looking for apartments in places like Bangalore, have now started to prefer studio apartments for rent in Bangalore instead. Not only is it more affordable for them, but the studio flats, such as the Here & Now project, are located at accessible points to several key places of work and amenities, therefore generating higher rental yields.

3. Easier to maintain:

Since the studio home designs cater to simplicity and functionality, there is very little to maintain. Unlike homeowners of larger apartments who need to invest in painting, furnishing and fixtures such as air conditioners and wardrobes separately for all the rooms, a studio flat is just one condensed space that is easier to set up.

4. Ideal for all ages:

An additional advantage to investing in a studio flat is that whether you’re looking to live in it yourself or rent it out, it’s perfect for all age groups. Younger people prefer it as the space caters to all their requirements and lifestyle. They are on the move, usually living by themselves or smaller families of two, for whom a smaller space with all the facilities is more accessible and sufficient.  Similarly, for an older age group, especially for those that mobility is a concern, a smaller space offered by the studio flats is more comfortable and easier to maintain. 

5. A step towards environmental consciousness:

The lesser the utility, the lesser the consumption and wastage. In a studio flat, there is no worry of leaving your lights on in one room while you move to another room, or turning on your air conditioner in multiple rooms. Moreover, energy consumption is significantly lower in a studio flat than in any other housing format. 

What to look for when investing in a studio flat:

1. Location:

When you’re looking to rent out or resell the property, what your potential buyer would look for is accessibility. If you’re purchasing a property, ensure that the area is in a central location, so those looking for a place near their work will search for a studio apartment for rent in Bangalore, or any work-driven city. 

2. Security:

As most people who live in or invest in a studio flat are young and out of their house frequently, security of the location and property is paramount. With properties like Here & Now, there’s constant surveillance of the property, with common spaces designed for fire escape as well.

3. Amenities:

Those looking to rent or purchase a smaller space probably lead a fast and busy lifestyle. For them, coming home should be where they can unwind, or even bring their friends over. 

Especially the youngsters who inhabit the studio flats prefer leading a healthy lifestyle. This is precisely why amenities that come with living in the studio flats can not only compensate for the smaller space but also act as a key selling point when you resell the property.

Amenities like a jogging track, kids playing area, fully-equipped gyms, and a swimming pool give you the upper hand when you want to resell the property.

Properties like Assetz Here & Now, offer  the aforementioned amenities and so much more. The studio flats in themselves are intricately designed to accommodate all your needs in style. Additionally, with first-class security systems in place, coupled with indoor and outdoor amenities for all your interests, this is a smart choice of investment in Bangalore. 

So if you’re in the search for your dream home, browse through the stunning projects of Assetz Property Group, such as Sun & Sanctum, Earth & Essence, Leaves & Lives and more. 

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