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Vintage Decor that’s making a comeback

Last Modified: 11 Oct 2019

It is safe to say that the home decor you choose for your space is an intimate affair. Not only does it resonate with your personality and preferences, but it also paints a picture of your class and style. Whether it is bohemian decor depicting the free-spirited soul or nautical accents that give out an oceanic vibe, sprucing up your decor from time to time is a great way to stay in trend. One such trend that is coming back with a bang is groovy retro decor that captivates your senses with bold patterns and vibrant hues. Looking for ways to amp up your home decor? Here are vintage decor trends that bring a hint of old-world charm in your new-age sanctuary. 

Furniture for the living room

Furniture, much like fashion, is cyclical. With the right mix of that old world charm and retro feel, furniture from the past has been making their way into our living rooms getting the comeback they deserve. Adding a kick of kitsch to one’s home, retro style furniture can be wooden or leather-based. Most retro-inspired furniture has a pop of colour, such as having a bright orange sofa in one’s living room. Bold and eye-catching, such sofas bring a living room to life. And when the sofas aren’t enough, you can bring in a tapered chair that can be found in various out-of-the-ordinary shapes such as oval, rectangular, hexagonal, etc. They become the defining statement piece of your living room, making even the smallest of spaces appear big. 

Lamps and lightings for the house

Lamps are a game-changer when it comes to home decor, and free-spirited retro lights are no exception to this. From aesthetic lava lamps for side tables to floor lamps in kaleidoscopic patterns, transform your space into a time capsule that takes you back to the most magical era of it all. To add to that, retro lamps are tall in appearance, minimal in occupying space and easy to manoeuvre, making them a great addition to your abode. Looking for lighting ideas that are out-of-the-box? Opt for spectacular string lights in rainbow hues to add that dash of grooviness and the flavour of the 70’s.

Floor design for kitchens

Imagine floor patterns being the topic of discussion during most gatherings. Such was the power of intricate tiles from decades ago. While most Indian homes choose to keep it no-frills with plain tiles on the floor, some homes have been adopting jazzy tiles that, in turn, add bolder hues to a modern home. They can be a monochrome floral pattern or checkered, the latter being a crowd favourite. With the installation of such tiles, picking out the furniture and other elements of the kitchen becomes easier. Black-and-white checkered floors are widely recognised as a timeless option, so be sure to experiment with the surrounding decor. Rest assured, floor decor will always be considered a top statement for your home. 

Wicker, bamboo, and rattan cabinets

The ‘70s were high on the whole bohemian vibe. Bamboo and wicker furniture were big hits amongst youngsters. Exuding a similar care-free vibe now, rattan cabinets are making a comeback after nearly 30 years of disappearing. They are cheaper than wooden furniture and a lot more lighter and versatile. They make the home and its inhabitants appear more approachable. A lot of rattan cabinets are purchased now for its aesthetic appeal, particularly how well they go with an open, airy house for that ultimate cosy feeling, especially perfect for compact houses. Add a minimalistic lamp, a potted plant or other stunning DIY decor hacks that will transform your room’s appearance instantly. 

Retro upholstered beds

Elaborate and cosy, upholstered beds are slowly making a comeback in our bedrooms. With the cushioning enough to put you to sleep instantly, upholstered beds went out of style as they were considered to be more luxurious than comfortable, a style often associated with the rich. However, over the decades, upholstered beds seeped into the collective of most average citizens who longed for both comfort and style in their bedroom. In this era, upholstered beds with a retro twist have been given a new identity which is sturdier and long-lasting. Coupled with richer textures and fabrics such as faux leather or velvet, retro upholstered beds are taking one’s bedroom to a whole new level. 

There’s something beautiful about taking the effort to design a place of your own, imprinting your personality in the decor that adorns your house. At Assetz Property Group, you are bound to find a home that allows you to explore your creativity and bring out your artistic side. 

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