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Best places to buy apartments in Bangalore

Last Modified: 16 Nov 2017
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The choice of a home undoubtedly has an emotional angle to it, because, as the saying goes “home is where the heart is”. However, it makes a lot of sense to involve practical aspects when you choose your future home.  The average home hunter typically plans to the property for ever, with only a small percentage having other plans of relocating in the future. Of the many factors ruling the choice of a home, the most important and pivotal factor is location. Get the location right, and your stay will sail through your routine with a great deal of comfort and convenience. Here are the clinchers that will help you to choose the most suitable location for your home.

Good neighbourhood

This should rank high on your priority when you look for suitable locations. Obviously, you and your family are not planning to remain confined to your residence for ever. Your family may sometimes step out of home late at night or return late from college, work or social interactions, a safe neighbourhood, with well-lit roads will certainly help overcome apprehensions, if any.

Shorter time on the roads enroute to work

While it may not be possible to take up residence right next to your place of work, it is possible to choose a location that offers better connectivity.  And if you switch jobs with better opportunities, you may end up finding your initial choice not prudent. Therefore, look for a location that is well connected to your place of work. Metro alignments, completed roads and infrastructure, smooth traffic movement, etc. are some of the key aspects to consider.

Advantage of infrastructure for educational, social and healthcare requirements

Education of wards is one of the most important aspects in family life. Therefore, it is important to choose a location that is close to quality educational institutions or offers easy connectivity to respected institutions. Routine requirements of shopping, or entertainment spaces to spend quality time with family should ideally not be wasted waiting or travelling. The location you opt for should ideally have the right mix of shopping centres and malls for all social needs, in addition to quality healthcare facilities.

Resale value in the event of a quick relocation

If you plan to relocate or if you find yourself in a situation where you need to move out for good, it would certainly help to possess a home that offers good resale value. A quick settlement is what you would be looking for, and a ‘prime’ location as outlined above, will fetch you a buyer real fast. This needs to be a part of your considerations when you hunt for a good home.

One of the highlights of residential projects by Assetz Property Group is the choice of location. All properties, developed and ongoing, are located where residents get a great quality of life, combining convenience with comfort.  63 Degree East off Sarjapur Road offers residents good connectivity to IT parks with mega projects lined up for the future, such as the Infosys SEZ and an University from Azim Premji Foundation.  Here & Now happens to be right behind Manyata Tech Park providing residents the perfect place to call home. East Point in Marathahalli is in the quiet suburb that has equally transformed into a desirable location with smooth connectivity and good developing infrastructure. Stratos on Cunningham Road gives residents the feeling of being right in the thick of things. Bang in the middle of the city’s commercial business district, this is a location from where it is possible to enjoy Bangalore fully without actually having to travel much.

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