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The growing popularity of Plotted Developments

Last Modified: 30 Jul 2020

Plotted developments have become increasingly popular over time, and are now a major real estate trend in India. But what are they? To put it simply, these projects are areas of land that are for sale for the construction and development of houses, villas, and other housing options. 

In recent times, plotted developments are being offered within gated communities, especially in suburbs that offer plenty of space and land, without compromising on connectivity. The best example of this is seen with projects for plotted development in Bangalore, which has seen a rise in demand in places like Whitefield, Sarjapur, and other key areas. 

Many people are also turning towards investing in plotted development projects because of the number of benefits doing so offers them. Here’s a look at some of the advantages.

Less investment

Many buyers in the market are on the lookout to buy a second home, whether it is for vacations, retirement, or for resale. The price you would have to pay for development sites for sale is lower than the price of a completed home. This is because the selling price itself is lesser, and these sites and projects are located on the outskirts, where land is available for sale at attractive and affordable prices. Apartment complexes and residential homes for sale are usually available within the city, where prices are steep for less space. There are also lower maintenance costs once the house has been constructed, and you are less likely to renovate the home too quickly, having already designed it as per your preference and taste. 

High returns

These types of projects offer higher returns much more quickly. This is because property as an investment is already a long-term asset, and it continues to appreciate in value over the years. In addition to this, plotted developments generate higher returns as they are typically located in suburban areas that populate with time, increasing the land value significantly. Moreover, these projects are usually high-end luxury residences, many of which are situated within gated communities with multiple amenities. These features also help to increase the sale value. Some people also choose to rent out the property as a vacation home or villa, which helps to bring in a lucrative and steady income on a regular basis.

Design and innovation

With a plotted development, you have the freedom to design your new home the way you have always wanted. This is a huge benefit as there are no restrictions whatsoever. You can choose to build as many rooms as you desire, with a large kitchen, alcoves, a home office, and more. You are also free to choose the interior design styles you have always dreamed of, be it a marble finish, accent furniture, vintage decor, or a chic, contemporary look. The possibilities are endless. And with future house designs bringing space, storage, and utility more into question in the pandemic, you can design your home with well-informed intent.

Limited risks

When you are working on a project of this size, it often becomes a passion project. Since you are in charge of design, construction, and development, there are lower risks involved in execution. It is less likely that additional costs will be incurred that are above and beyond the budget you set, and you won’t have to deal with delays either. Even if you are constructing the house as a vacation rental or an investment home, you will have put in the research to know what trends are enduring, which will ensure you can maximise profits by tapping people’s interests. This may even include the area the plotted development project is located in.

Amenities galore

Many development sites for sale are situated within sprawling communities that offer a number of luxurious amenities, including swimming pools, clubhouses, gardens, jogging tracks, and more. It is easier to find something to do outdoors as well with several sports facilities, like tennis and badminton courts and even smaller game rooms with table tennis and carrom. These attractive features offer convenience, as it is a lot simpler to indulge in recreational activities without stepping too far from home or having to spend too much.

Community living

Living in a community offers several benefits as they band together to foster a sense of togetherness and work to provide a better-assisted living. Plotted development projects offer a sense of belonging and social well-being as well, as they are centred around close-knit communities of this sort. This holds especially true for families with elderly folks and children. It can also be extremely comforting and fulfilling to live in a society of familiar faces as there is a better sense of support, safety, and security.

If you’re looking for the best-plotted development in Bangalore, check out Assetz Property Group’s project – 18 and Oak. This plotted development project offers buyers the option to build luxury homes with access to an 18-hole golf course, ready-to-use clubhouse, fine dining restaurant, and more. Moreover, the project is well-connected to the main city and lies in close proximity to essential urban conveniences.

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