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The growing popularity of Plotted Developments

Plotted developments have become increasingly popular over time, and are now a major real estate trend in India. But what are they? To put it simply, these projects are areas of land that are for sale for the construction and development of houses, v...

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Predicted impact of pandemic on future housing projects

There has been an unprecedented change in various facets of life with the pandemic upon us, and this includes future house designs and architecture. This is for a number of reasons, primarily because we have all retreated to our homes for safety in t...

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Feng Shui Tips: Creating mindful spaces while working

Creating a positive work-from-home environment equally prioritizes business success and our happiness. It deeply motivates and boosts our productivity. If you work in a dreary home setting, you will be less likely to produce the results you want. Sur...

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Rise of eco-friendly spaces in the post Covid

In the last several months, COVID-19 has brought significant changes to our everyday lives. This has impacted various human activities on a large scale, which has generated impactful change. For example, lockdown measures taken by countries around th...

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Real Estate: A safer investment option post-Covid

Property investment refers to the purchase of a property for the purpose of ownership or gaining returns on it. This may be done by either improving the property and selling it, or by renting it out. This is usually considered to be very profitable. ...

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How to stay positive and mindful during quarantine

There are a number of ways the pandemic has affected us all. Most of us can see the social, physical, and even financial disruptions these times have had on us. However, it’s important to take stock of our mental well-being as well. Many of us may ...