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Feng Shui Tips: Creating mindful spaces while working from home

Last Modified: 30 Jun 2020

Creating a positive work-from-home environment equally prioritizes business success and our happiness. It deeply motivates and boosts our productivity. If you work in a dreary home setting, you will be less likely to produce the results you want. Surrounding yourself with good feng shui inspires your creativity and supports good working habits at home.

Feng Shui, which literally means “wind and water”, is an ancient Chinese practice which has been around for thousands of years. Feng shui teaches us to live in harmony with the outside environment; so that there is a balance between the external energy and our internal energy which will help us achieve harmony in life. Living life to the fullest is one of the greatest benefits of feng shui. It can positively affect health, relationships and happiness.

In today’s society where everything is constantly changing, the truth is that we need feng shui now more than ever. We need to find harmony and balance amidst all this complexity. Feng shui is based on the concept that the world is full of “Energy” or “Chi”. 

Chi and Feng Shui

Chi is the universal energy which surrounds us. In feng shui, chi is the energy found in our body as well as the external energy which is present in the things that surround us. Chi can be affected by different colours, dimensions and shapes. The goal of feng shui is to direct the chi found in our homes to us which directly affect the chi residing in our body. The better the chi flow in our environment, the easier it is for us to achieve positive chi inside our body.

Here are some Feng Shui home tips for your work-from-home corner:

  1. Place your chair and desk in a Power Position(a place from which you can see the entrance of the room when seated).
  2. Position your chair in such a way that it has strong backing maybe against a strong wall. 
  3. Decorate the room with small live plants, water fountains and other feng shui items for the home. Experts believe that live plants can create positive energy within us. Use eco-friendly home decor to spruce up your work at home environment.
  4. Declutter the desk you work on. This is very important since it also impacts your mind.
  5. Separate your office life from personal life by creating a space just for work. This will help you concentrate better.
  6. Choose the right colour for the room that you work. This plays a vital role in affecting your mood, especially when you are working for long hours.
  7. Surround yourself with work of art and inspiring mottos of abundance, prosperity and success. 
  8. Always try to use natural light, artificial lights such as yellow-tinted bulbs and fluorescent light cause fatigue. If you should use artificial lights, opt for incandescent or full-spectrum light bulbs.
  9. Use desks and furniture with curved edges. Sharper edges cut the surrounding energy and shouldn’t be pointing towards you while you work. If you have furniture with sharp edges, soften the edges with fabric.
  10. Place an aroma diffuser nearby which keeps the room smelling great and transforms the place into a tranquil nest.
  11. Keep the room clean and arranged. This allows positive chi energy to enter your room.
  12. Having a nice view from the nearby window such as your home garden can be soothing.
  13. If you have an unpleasant view from your windows such as a busy road or construction site, try to block it with a nice curtain which still lets natural light in.
  14. Adding some decor of your choice will encourage personal growth and inspire you.
  15. Use a visually pleasing wallpaper or screensaver on your laptop or desktop. You can also use wallpaper with inspiring quotes or images that symbolize what you want to accomplish.

Colour is one of the most effective ways to adjust the chi of your home working space. The right colour can make all the difference, so make sure that you surround yourself with colours that make you calm to create a serene environment. Observe the colours of the walls of your room. Dark colours will make it hard to keep up your energy, but at the same time, bright tones can be overstimulating. Opt for softer tones can dramatically increase the feng shui in the room.
Working from home especially during this pandemic can be mentally and physically draining, This is why taking care of your mind and body is the key to a balanced lifestyle. These feng shui home tips can help attain work-life balance, even if it’s all done in the comfort of your home. Speaking of comfortable homes, if you are looking for a property that strikes just the right chord between luxury and sustainable living, visit Assetz Property Group today and let you and your family thrive in the ‘chi’ of life!

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