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Reasons to invest in a Row House in 2022

Last Modified: 30 Sep 2021

Buying a house is a life-changing process that demands a lot of research and analysis. With real estate in India changing in the last two years, it is necessary to consider everything. However, it is safe to say that choosing the type of property you want to invest in is half the battle won. From studio apartments to villas and penthouses, investors are spoilt for choice with a myriad of options even after applying the prerequisite filters of budget, location and amenities. A row house is one such type of property that has begun attracting investors like a moth to a flame. In recent times, row houses in Bangalore, especially, have altered the property sector of the city, creating a new buzz in residential real estate.

What is a row house?

As the name suggests, a row house means a sequence of dwelling units developed in a row, with common compound walls and often a common exterior. Each unit can share a compound wall with three other units, with a designated front and rear opening. Typically, the first and last units in a row house arrangement are comparatively larger and more spacious than the ones in between.

Today, row houses are known for striking the right balance between luxury, convenience and affordability, making them a new favourite amongst investors. Row houses in Bangalore are now the talk of the town due to the status and prestige quotient they provide. However, many of us wonder: what makes row houses so unique? Read on for the top features of a row house and why investing in one is beneficial.

Top features of a row house

Apart from being neatly designed in a lane with elegance and style, row houses exhibit certain features that make them a coveted property to possess. Few of them are discussed below.

Uniform plan and architecture

Row houses bring in old-world charm and instantly teleport you to the rustic streets of the ’80s with a uniform plan and architecture. Though each of the units exhibit the same look, no two houses share the common exterior elements like stairways, sit-outs or backyards. Furthermore, each row has a minimum of three houses, creating the illusion of traditional infrastructure with a new-age design.

Community living

Community living is one of the most prominent features of row houses since they offer the benefits of a gated community sans the cluttered look and feel of apartments. Apart from the go-to amenities like a state-of-the-art swimming pool, clubhouse and sports arenas, row houses also offer modern facilities like round-the-clock security and CCTV surveillance. To add to that, in the case of a sustainable development, investors can benefit from eco-friendly amenities and facilities like solar-powered electrical fittings and rainwater harvesting, to name a few. Unmatched community living is one of the biggest reasons for row houses in Bangalore to be the most-desired properties to invest in.

Lower construction costs

Due to their unique design and planning, row houses offer lower construction costs when compared to individual detached units. They also employ effective use of land since each unit shares a compound wall. These features make row houses a convenient option for both buyers and developers. Buyers because of the luxurious appeal provided at affordable costs, and developers due to the ease of planning, design and construction.

Benefits of investing in row houses

Real estate in India witnessed a major change during the pandemic. Buying a house in these times is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, so it is only natural to look at all properties from an investment angle. Here are a few reasons why row houses in Bangalore are the perfect fit for both first-time home buyers and seasoned investors.

Great value for money

Row houses provide the twin benefit of living in an independent house with the convenience of an apartment. Whether it is a jogging track for your evening strolls or a spacious amphitheater for events and get-togethers, you can enjoy the world-class amenities of a gated community with the perks of living in a villa. Furthermore, you are the sole owner of the land, making it a convenient option for renovation and resale.

Lower maintenance

Considering the fact that a row house is technically an independent property, it is important to note that it offers little to no maintenance when compared to individual detached units. Due to the spirit of community living offered by row houses, the overall maintenance of the development is taken care of by an internal housekeeping team. This means that you can focus on reaping the fruits of your urban garden while the maintenance team ensures round-the-clock water supply and addresses everyday plumbing woes!

Caters to investors from all walks of life

Since row houses offer the win-win situation of great amenities with luxurious living, they cater to families from all walks of life. Whether you are a nuclear family with active kids and adorable pets running around the vicinity or a matured couple looking forward to a peaceful retirement, a row house is like a missing puzzle piece that completes the big picture. It is the perfect fit for home buyers who prefer living in a separate unit but are also looking for the benefits of community living.

With such stunning features and irresistible benefits of investment, row houses in Bangalore are a great fit for investors, whether they are planning to dwell in one or give it out for rent and reap the returns. Looking for a quintessential row house you can call home? Head out to Assetz Property Group’s Earth and Essence, Leaves and Lives and Soul and Soil today and find your dream home!

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