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Villaments: A modern fusion for luxury living

Last Modified: 05 Jul 2022

While we hear a lot about modern architecture, there are many more unique designs that have come up in the real estate market. One such unique architectural design is a villament. Villaments are a fusion between the design of a villa and that of an apartment, thus offering a new level of luxury and comfort.

Now, before we talk about the perks of living in a villament, let’s deep dive into what they are. We’ll also understand how villaments are designed to get the full picture.

What are Villaments?

Villament; a combination of a villa and an apartment can welcome a pleasant change in people’s lifestyles. They cater to today’s growing demand for a luxuriously comfortable home.

From spacious areas to naturally lit rooms, villament designs bring a calming aesthetic to your living. From bedrooms to living spaces, you experience an essence that is conducive to each room. That’s how villaments combine luxury and comfort to give you an optimal place that you can call home.

Moreover, the setting of villaments also allows access to some common amenities in and around the place. For example, the relaxing swimming pools, gymnasiums, clubhouses, tennis courts, and more. This way, you can also mingle with your fellow community members peacefully at frequent intervals. It’s essentially the best of owning a home and community living, all rolled up in one.

One such villament is the Assetz Soul and Soil; a development by Assetz Property Group to help you find the kind of house you longed for. An elegant space where comfort, privacy and aesthetic rule, Assetz Soul and Soil makes it all real for you and your loved ones.

Villas vs Apartments: Why Not the Best of Both Worlds?

Urban house hunting can get tedious with the plethora of options available: Studios, apartments, duplex homes, villas, etc. If you plan on having a family or enjoy large spaces, an apartment may feel restricted and a stand-alone home could be difficult to maintain and would lack the community feeling. 

Here’s where villaments come in. Let’s take a dive into why you should consider living in a villament.

1. More Space for Grandeur Living

Compared to the space and lifestyle in normal apartments or villas, the villaments bring you the best of both worlds. They allow the accessibility and comfort of apartments along with the elegance of a villa. The ones by Assetz Property Group note small things like adequate sunlight in the rooms, proper ventilation, etc., making the interior aesthetically pleasing and lively.

So, you can spread out in your space and embrace utmost comfort. Plus, with lots of space now, you can get creative and design your home as you please. Better yet, take hints from our modern living room design ideas.

2. Mingle with Nature & Good Times

With Assetz Soul and Soil, you can mingle with nature and the long-lost childhood times. A backyard under the warm sun, a bright and cheerful neighbourhood, it’s all reminiscent of homes, a great space for both little ones and adults. Likewise, villaments have thoughtful designs, both in and out, so that you can get back in touch with nature.

3. Elegantly Private & Comfortable

Villaments at Assetz Soul and Soil are designed in a way that’s mindful of your privacy. Ideally, most villaments come with no common walls coupled with adequate ventilation. Unlike an apartment where your next-door neighbour is in close proximity to your living space, a villament ensures you maintain boundaries and enjoy all of the space to yourself.

4. Amenities that let you Enrich your Life

Luxury can’t do without self-care and connecting with like-minded people. As the name itself suggests, Soul and Soil villaments in Bangalore cater to both. With amenities (more so necessities) like a clubhouse to socialise, a swimming pool to relax and unwind, playgrounds for fun and fitness, etc., you can enhance your everyday life to the fullest. The lush greenery around lets you feel connected to yourself, thus ensuring an enriching experience.

Assetz Soul and Soil

If you enjoy starting your early morning tea on the balcony, and love stretches at the wellness garden and gatherings with people alike, then Soul and Soil by Assetz Property Group might just be the final piece to your puzzle.

Homes at Assetz Soul and Soil are exquisitely designed to bring you gardens bursting with soothing greens, warm sunrays inside your house, amenities for all age groups, and more. All of this is nestled in 7 peaceful acres brimming with natural beauty and positive energy. So, check out Assetz Soul and Soil villaments in Bangalore to get a taste of fine and extravagant living.

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