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The Future is Smart

Last Modified: 19 Dec 2017
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future is smart - Bangalore real estate

Indian businesses have acquired a global perspective, and this has spawned considerable and increasing interest in real estate. The sector attracts significant investments from NRIs, and tech hubs by default draw the maximum interest. By virtue of being one the earliest and by far, one of the most globally renown Indian cities for IT, Bangalore is a place that generates the most interest among investors.

India’s push for smart city

Cities witness explosive expansion, and civic infrastructure demands huge changes to be able to tackle and handle the burden of more numbers. Smart cities have globally emerged as the answer to the woes of civic authorities, in the face of rapid expansion. The concept has received a push in India, with the government planning to roll out 100 smart cities across India. Infrastructure network within the smart cities will permit swift development of dwelling units and properties that will remain connected in a large grid of interconnected public networks.

Why Smarter Homes are the Future…

Improved infrastructure

This holds out the promise of better amenities, like transportation, electricity, water, sewage etc. Traffic movement will be seamless, bill generation and payment will be free from time consuming processes, and supply systems will work with clockwork life precision. All of this will greatly impact the lives of occupants within the cities. Time will be spent on more useful or leisure activities, rather than setting things right.

RERA and implications for buyers

As real estate moves into the RERA regime that aims to bring transparency and address issues faced by entities on either side of the buyer-seller divide, investors and home hunters have a lot to cheer about.  This will also ensure that improper practices are rooted out, leading to increased quality and safety in projects and homes. In combination with the smart cities project, RERA makes it easy for investors to choose properties.

Double bonanza

One of the greatest advantages of such massive projects will be the double incentives of taking up residence in such smart cities. Pre-equipped with massive infrastructural developments and innovations, the smart cities, by virtue of being part of an initiative will receive land and capital at prices that will make residences a lot more affordable. This is the era of technology, where organizations choose to either prosper or perish. The all pervading presence of technology makes life a lot easier and sustainable and it will not be long before smart cities dot the map of India. Smart cities are the future of housing in urban India and it is the right time for home owners and investors to become a part of the transformation.

Luxurious homes, futuristic concepts

The commitment to design, develop and deliver the contemporary housing with progressive and futuristic concepts lies at the heart of Assetz Property Group. This can be seen in the number of projects that straddle Bangalore, sporting sustainable features that conserve consumption of electricity, apart from conveniences like Wi-Fi zones. Smart eco-friendly designs and fixtures combine to create luxurious dwelling units that are ready to be a part of future innovations that will transform cities into smarter cities.

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