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Small Studio Apartments: All About Decorating Studio Flats

Last Modified: 06 Sep 2022

In this modern day and age, newly built living places called small studio apartments are best suited for individuals who believe in minimalism or prefer staying alone. Studios are a perfect deal for working professionals who do not need huge apartments or bungalows yet look forward to having luxurious, premium spaces with a sense of privacy. These low-risk investment flats can be a great option if you want a separate additional space, to celebrate small occasions or invite friends and family over for dinner or brunch. Don’t let the small space limit your creativity, you can still create a stylish, comfy space for yourself where you’ll actually want to spend a lot of time. We at Assetz give you some inspirations and tips that will turn your humble abode into a palace. While decorating your place, always remember that less is more when it comes to limited spaces like studios. But, first things first let’s begin with understanding the type of space you will be residing in.

What is a Studio Flat?

A small studio apartment can be described as a small area with a flexible layout. There is generally a single space that serves as the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, together with an adjoining bathroom. Despite being compact, these areas are not without facilities. A cosy small studio apartment is perfect for working people who are in search of their first house at a reasonable price.

3 Types of Studio Apartments

When looking for a small studio apartment, details like price range, location, layout, storage space etc. are factors to be considered. With different types of studio apartments available, it can be difficult to choose the best one for you. We have brought together a guide to all varieties of small studio apartment designs to make it easier for you. Let’s get going!

Alcove Studio 

Alcove Studio comes with a little extra space. Alcove studio includes an L-shaped barrier created by a wall divider which separates the living area from the bedroom. In other words, the bed is hidden away from the living space in an alcove. This makes space for extra privacy. 

Convertible studio

The layout of a convertible studio apartment is the same as that of a usual studio flat. In this instance, the flat has a bigger floor plan to include a wall that can be built if you want to include a complete bedroom. The convertible studio might not always be possible because there are some properties that prohibit the construction of new walls. These apartments can also be referred to as convertible two-bedroom apartments or two-bedroom flex apartments.

Micro apartment

Micro apartments are one-room flats with a square footage of less than 350 feet. They will have a sitting area, a sleeping area, a bathroom, and a kitchenette. Most often, this kind of apartment is found in highly populated locations where rent is expensive for even a modest spacious room.

5 simple decorating ideas to make your Studio feel more homely: 

Here are some simple small studio apartment ideas to show you how you can decorate your space as your own: 

1. Set Your Colour Palette

The first and foremost tip for a good Interior design for studio apartments is to choose the colour palette for your entire space. Pick a theme for your room and identify the colours relevant to it. Using paint or other mediums, you can change the look of your space.

2. Add height to your space with curtains

Just by adding curtains, you can elevate the visual appeal of your studio to the extra height. If you don’t have high ceilings, you can create the illusion by hanging curtains as high up the wall as you can. This gives the impression of more space by directing the eye upward.

3. Build a glass partition

Try installing a glass-panelled screen if the room only has one window and privacy isn’t a concern. It offers just the right amount of visual distinction to a space while still allowing plenty of light to pass through.

4. Wall Shelves Are Your Friend

Another excellent way to add extra storage is by using wall shelves. You can assemble a wall shelf arrangement and make use of the small area over the sofa or the bed. 

5. Minimize Overcrowding

Using too much furniture and decorative pieces can ultimately leave your studio feeling suffocating and cluttered. This includes visual clutter arising from the non-organisation of too many appliances and furniture or heaps of mail or stacks of magazines. <add about one or two solutions to prevent the cluttering.

A studio apartment that comes with a splash of comfort and warmth can be your perfect option. Good things come in small packages, right? The studio apartment is one of them for many different reasons. It is safe to say that working professionals don’t always have the money, time and convenience to manage a house. These studio flats have proven to be a lifesaver because of how economical and low maintenance they are. Go ahead and personalise your own studio with a variety of home design and decor ideas, and make it feel like home. For more tips and tricks please read Assetz blogs about decorating ideas for small rooms.

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