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Upsurge in residential spaces in North Bangalore

Last Modified: 25 Sep 2017
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Hebbal real estate

Previously touted as a destination for hybrid farm produce and livestock varieties, Hebbal on the northern end of Bangalore has shed its image, morphing into an aggregation of flagship apartments and office complexes1.  The transformation from a sleepy suburb serving as a gateway to northern Karnataka to a bustling and much sought-after address is attributed to a combination of many factors.

Hebbal – eclipsing other addresses with well-rounded connectivity

Boasting of the shortest driving time to the KIA, freeing commuters from the tentacles of helpless traffic snarls, Hebbal is home to the landmark flyovers that criss-cross the important junction. The much awaited LTR received a renewed push for early completion on being handed over to the BMRCL2, adding more reason for cheer to residents and employees of the tech parks that dot the Hebbal – ORR corridor. As more and more IT, BioTech and Aerospace majors look to establish presence in Bangalore, Hebbal, which happens to be the button of choice for all requirements; has found demand spiralling, driving guidance values higher by as much as 36 percent. The boom in prices and demand has also been fuelled by the proposed ITIR near Devanahalli, which will drive demands north.

De facto destination of choice for the biggest names in the industry

The cosmopolitan culture of Bangalore, and the pleasant climate which once attracted pensioners; have combined with investor friendly policies to firmly entrench Bangalore as the location of choice for large investments in sunrise sectors and start-ups.  Giants straddling domains in industry have established hubs in Bangalore – Philip, AstraZeneca and IBM are just a few names that form part of the Who’s Who in business that have chosen Hebbal as their address. Blessed with locational advantage, guided by policies that develop infrastructure and patronized by the heavyweights in the industry, Hebbal also happens to be the reigning champion in straw polls to choose location.

Well-conceived infrastructure expansion to accommodate growth

When Metro line alignments are designed to carry twin lines to locations3, it is an indication of the projections to cater to burgeoning demand for swift and smooth connectivity. The Hebbal-ORR corridor will see faster connectivity with other locations pan-Bangalore with the envisaged plan of twin line Metros. This will ease the traffic on the roads and increase the speed with which signals are cleared. As the decks are cleared for infrastructure projects that emphasize Bangalore’s dominance as a favoured destination globally, Hebbal is bound to witness more activity4, with prices tipped to continue breaking ranks from other locations in Bangalore.

Hebbal will continue to witness heightened all round activity, to meet the growing demand for residential, recreational and support services for employees of the most happening corridors in Bangalore.  The boom will last and home owners are reaping the dividends of a location that is brimming with high rise apartments offering world class features for occupants. The Manyata Business Park around which residential complexes were constructed, is a landmark tech park that sparked growth in the corridor.

Assetz Here and Now – for indulgences unseen elsewhere

Assetz Here and Now, the luxury residential high-rise enjoying close proximity to Manyata, offers amenities and features of global standards, designed to capture the imagination of the millennials with concepts, ambience and façade that are both stunning and elegant. With designs tearing down walls of creativity, the apartments bring every aspirer’s dream alive, with features enriching the quality of life after work hours.




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