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Easy Vastu tips you can follow to bring positivity to your home

Last Modified: 18 Jun 2021

According to Vastu Shastra, a home that emanates the right kind of energy is important for the health and happiness of its residents. Vastu Shastra is an advanced traditional science that acts as a guide to help us make our homes positive and welcoming. Vastu works on a simple principle. The energy in your environment determines your mood and temperament. When you surround yourself with positive energy, you in turn experience positivity. If you have just bought a new house or are looking to move into one, you can practise these easy Vastu tips to gear your home in the right direction. 

Keeping this in mind, here are some basic Vastu Shastra tips for flats and apartments:

1. Vastu for main entrance:

According to Vastu Shastra, the main entrance to the house is one of the most important entry points for energy. When you step out of the house, you should face the North or the North-East direction, as this direction symbolizes a direction towards success and prosperity in life. Some easy Vastu tips for home entrance include: 

  • The main door should be the most aesthetically pleasing in the house. A basic Vastu tip is that the main door needs to tower above other doors. It should ideally be made out of wood. 
  • The main porch area around the door should be well lit. Also, it should not have a shoe rack or trash can outside its step. 
  • The main door should always open in a clockwise direction. It should not be painted black as it is considered inauspicious, and should not be close to a bathroom. 
  • Additional elements such as showpieces should not be placed outside the main entrance. The entrance should draw all the attention to itself. 

These easy Vastu tips for home entrance ensure that it attracts strong vibes and draws in positive energy from the outside into your house.

2. Vastu for hall and living room:

The living room is one of the most important areas of your house. It’s where guests mingle and spend the most amount of time when they visit your home. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain a positive vibe in the living room. It should encapsulate positive energy that facilitates interaction and camaraderie. 

Here are some easy Vastu tips for a home living room: 

  • The living room should ideally be East, North or North-East facing. The furniture however should be kept facing the North or North-West direction. 
  • All electronics such as television and home theatre should be placed on the east wall and the southeast corner of the room. 
  • Pictures & other home decors that evoke happiness and calm should be present in the living room. They include those of nature, birds and even light-coloured abstract art. 
  • Furniture in the living room should be rectangular, square or hexagonal as opposed to being circular or oval as the latter exude negative energy. 
  • To draw in more positive energy to the living room, use pleasant colours such as white, cream and green on the walls, as opposed to darker hues that attract strong negative vibes. 

Follow these easy Vastu tips to make your living room burst with positivity! 

3. Easy Vastu tips for the bedroom:

The bedroom is the most intimate and the most private space in our homes. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that the energy ratios in your bedroom are balanced to provide you with high-quality sleep, and peace of mind. 

Here are some easy Vastu tips for your bedroom: 

  • The bed should ideally be placed in the South-West corner of the room, as it is believed to bring success and good health. The North-East and South-East are not recommended, as they may cause health problems.
  • A mirror should never be placed directly in front of the bed, because according to Vastu, waking up to your reflection leads to household quarrels. 
  • Vastu tips for flats is to avoid painting your bedroom walls black and stick to light-coloured, mellow hues, as it exudes positive radiations. 
  • You can use soft lighting, sweet-smelling flowers and even aromatic oil lamps inside the bedroom. They help calm your mind and unwind after a hard day’s work. 
  • Finally, having temples and pictures of water elements in your bedroom are to be avoided as they lead to emotional imbalance. 

Keep these Vastu Shastra tips for home in mind when you decide to design your home and bedroom! 

4. Basic Vastu for the Puja room:

Most Indian households have a Puja room. Since it’s where we spiritually align with our inner selves every day, it must adhere to Vastu guidelines. While performing a puja or offering prayers, make sure that you face the idols in the Northeast direction. If you are unable to find the ideal North-East facing space for your Puja room, even the north and east directions are considered to be auspicious. 

5. General Vastu tips for flats and homes:

In addition to room-specific Vastu Shastra tips for home, here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Overhead beams should not be placed directly above the bed. A false ceiling is a much better alternative. 
  • Ceilings with five corners should be avoided. Four corners are ideal. 
  • The centre of the house should be open and spacious, as a cluttered space brings in negative energy. 
  • The toilet seat should face the North-East direction and the toilet should be as far away from the main entrance as possible. 
  • According to Vastu Shastra, the children’s room should be placed in the southwest direction of the house. Also, make sure your kids sleep with their heads facing the south or east direction. 
  • The kitchen should face the southeast direction; avoid the north-facing kitchen. 
  • Use house plants and fresh flowers to add positive energy to your home. 

If you’re a believer in Vastu Shastra or Feng Sui, follow these easy Vastu tips for home to create a conducive environment. This will ensure that you and your family achieve happiness and prosperity. If you enjoyed this blog, then visit our blog page for more useful information on various topics such as home maintenance tips, child-proofing your house and more. 

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