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Balcony design ideas for apartments that’ll charm all guests

Last Modified: 09 Jun 2021

Everybody enjoys a breath of fresh air. Picture this- A hot cup of tea or coffee, comfortable seating arrangement, and a fantastic view from your balcony. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Balconies may seem like a small space, but they can soon become your favourite relaxation spot when decorated right. These spaces are the perfect place to enjoy yourself, or just listen to the symphony of the trees and birds. Read on for cozy balcony ideas that are easy to maintain and just as affordable.  These balcony designs for apartments provide you with ideas on how to use up your space efficiently.

Understanding your needs:

Before walking you through various balcony designs for apartments, remember what you use your balcony for. This technique helps you shop rationally. Some people use it for drinking their evening beverage, while some use it for their morning yoga. Hence, it is important to remember that your simple balcony decoration must also have significance and use to you.

Balcony designs for apartments:

1. Efficient seating arrangement

While cozy balcony ideas call for fluffy cushions, and huge spaces to rest; comfort can be achieved through simple balcony decorations as well. You can purchase a chair and table set and add some throw cushions. Invest in a swing set to sway along with the breeze during the evenings.  A long wooden bench decked with pillows can save space and be used for multiple purposes. Ensure that your seating arrangement does not fill up the balcony and gives you space to move around. While purchasing seating arrangements, remember that balconies are susceptible to dust. Maintenance of your house and balcony can be done more efficiently if you avoid decor that catches dust such as furry cushions. Try to look for outdoor cushions that will not get faded with exposure to the sun. Also, make sure that they are waterproof. 

2. Throw in some colours

Do not be afraid of bold balcony designs for apartments. As most balconies have narrow walls around, they can end up looking a bit empty. There are ways to include some colours for a fresh makeover. Coloured and patterned tiles, pillows, upholsteries, rugs, etc. are simple balcony decoration accessories to style up your house. Rugs serve the purpose of adding colours and can be used for yoga, meditation and workouts. Bringing greenery through hanging potted plants, creepers, placing succulents, etc. is also one of the best balcony design ideas. These green companions are beneficial for your health as well.

3. Invest in mood lighting

Many people consider lighting an important aspect of feng shui decor as well. While lighting can be easily incorporated in other areas of the house, it becomes tricky with balconies. Balconies in most houses do not have many electrical plug points for fancy lighting. So, balcony designs for apartments need lighting that does not encroach the space. A big heavy standing lamp might not be the best idea for the area. Instead, choose budget-friendly lighting options such as string lights, or fairy lights. These simple balcony decorations accessories are easily available and come in different patterns that can complement your style. Warm, yellow lights are perfect for an evening discussion with your partner or a weekly catch up with a friend. Feel free to purchase hanging lamps which will illuminate the area without occupying space. If you are feeling fancy, take it up a notch with cozy balcony ideas and spruce up your space with scented candles for a relaxing evening.

4. Complement the view

Balconies of apartments have the added benefit of a beautiful view of the city or even lush green trees. Do not huddle up your seating arrangement as it can feel restrictive to move about. Instead, place your furniture such that you face the view. Simple decoration ideas that help complement the view are swing sets, beanbags and small balcony tables. Enhance the beauty of the view with minimised railings, doors and grills. Go for french doors or glass sliding doors that allow you to observe the living room or bedroom view. 

5. Add an element of yourself

As mentioned earlier, this space is your canvas. So, use the canvas to express yourself. For example, if you are an avid reader, then install a small side table for books to create your small reading nook. Balcony designs for apartments can also be themed. You may not necessarily have a purpose for the balcony other than it being your space to relax. In such cases, you can create themes to make it look uniform and organized. For instance, if you are an admirer of North Indian arts and handicrafts, then decorating your balcony with figurines, mirrors, low seating arrangements, or miniature paintings are affordable ways to spruce up your space. 

As you can see, there are many simple decoration ideas for creating a beautiful balcony. However, maintenance of your balcony is also an important factor to keep in mind. Regularly dust the objects off, and keep a room or air fresheners around. Avoid furniture that depreciates with weather changes. If you are maintaining fake plants, or string lights, dust them off every week at least.  Balcony designs for apartments can change and define the way you relax when done efficiently. You can personalise the decoration with DIY projects, themes or items you resonate with. Visit our website for more informative blogs on buying a new home or simply designing your living space.

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