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5 Reasons To Opt For Smart Home Technology

Last Modified: 27 Sep 2021

In the golden age of automation, technology is transforming every facet of our lives. It is enriching our experiences, facilitating quicker and more enhanced communications, and expediting numerous processes across industries. Shouldn’t your home be touched by the wonders of technology, too? Of course, there are many electronic gadgets and appliances in the home. But, have you ever wondered about linking these appliances together to create a connected home for better, easier and convenient operation? Well, that’s what smart homes are all about. Smart home technology connects the devices, appliances, and systems in the home to a common network that can be controlled remotely from anywhere with an internet connection using a smartphone or other network device. 

In the past, smart homes were considered to be a part of a luxurious lifestyle. However, in recent times, smart home technology is being associated increasingly with tech-savvy homeowners who are open to changes and are quick to adopt them. In other words, smart homes are the future!

Still wondering if you should turn your home into a smart home? Read on to find out why your home needs smart home technology. 

1. Comfort and convenience 

What can possibly be more convenient than being able to control all of your home appliances and systems from anywhere in your home, or rather from anywhere in the world? Turn on the light, draw the shades, check the locks with just a few touches on your smartphone. In addition to this, smart home systems perform routine tasks automatically. For example, smart locks could be set to automatically turn on smart lighting when the front door is unlocked. With home automation technologies in place, you do not have to rush back home to check whether you locked the door or turned off the gas stove, you can confirm these tasks on your smartphone, instead. Also, intelligent and adaptive lighting, sound, and temperature create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, making the residents feel comfortable and relaxed.

2. Energy efficiency 

Features of a smart home include low-energy smart lighting, energy-reducing smart power strips, and energy tracking devices, which ensure that energy use is minimal. Some connected homes monitor water usage, too. A study indicates that smart homes can save up to 30-40% energy usage compared to non-smart homes. Thus, smart home technology saves money by cutting down your utility bills. Learn other ways by which you can save energy at home

3. Safety and security

Installing smart home security devices such as surveillance cameras, automated door locks, and motion detectors can ensure maximum security to the residents. You can activate these devices and turn on the security alerts before going to bed. Smart home technology also enables you to monitor your home in real-time when you’re away. These features of a smart home not only prevent burglary attacks but also guarantee a safer, more enhanced living experience for the residents. For instance, motion sensor lighting can help residents walk in the hallways at night safely and gas leak detectors automatically turn off the gas supply when they detect higher than the normal concentration of gas in the air. 

4. Flexibility and customization

The rapidly evolving nature of technology would certainly necessitate the installation of upgraded models of smart home appliances. However, since smart home systems are extremely flexible, the transition to newer appliances would be smooth and seamless. Home automation technology also has abundant scope for customization. You can adjust the brightness of the lights, have the curtains drawn automatically during a certain time, or set timings for other routine tasks that are executed automatically. You can incorporate automation technologies that match your preferences and suit your lifestyle.

5. Home management insights 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that smart home technology not only enhances your homes but also improves your habits. Smart home systems provide home management insights that enable you to monitor your activities and behaviours at home. For instance, you can evaluate how often and what kind of programs you watch on your smart TV, the kinds of foods you store in the refrigerator, the types of dishes you cook or heat in your oven, and how you use the electrical appliances. These insights can help you analyze your daily habits and make lifestyle changes to lead healthier and more purposeful lives. 

Now that you are impressed with the features of smart home technology, have you begun wondering where and how to get started? Well, it is easier than you think. With Assetz property’s Canvas and Cove, you are only a few steps away from living in a smart home equipped with the best automation technologies. While you are at it, check out the best smart home devices that you should invest in, too! 

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