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21 Interior Design Trends In 2021

Last Modified: 21 Sep 2021

Since the majority of the population spent most of their time at their homes during the past year, the interior designers got more creative and the ever-curious homeowners got more experimental. This has resulted in the emergence of numerous interior design trends in 2021. Step in to discover the 21 interior design trends that are set to redefine the homes and people’s lives in 2021.

Sculptural furniture for serenity

The furniture trend has garnered more attention during the pandemic as they are known to effuse a sense of calmness and stability into your home. The carefully curated displays of shapely figures strike a fine balance between maximalism and minimalism. This trend can be incorporated into your living room by bringing in tubular, curved, or postmodern furniture pieces. 

Make a statement with a mural

 A mural can fill the room with plenty of zest and zeal, or even offer a story to the curious visitors through its beautiful imagery. Incorporating murals into your home’s interior design is one of the best ways of making a statement, reflecting your values and ideals. Explore different types of murals such as wallpaper, tile and kitchen murals to choose the mural that fits the personality of your home the best. Find out the unique ways in which you can use murals in your interiors

Go green with your interiors 

 With many of us becoming environmentally conscious, this trend is gaining popularity among the top interior designers. It involves minimizing resources required for construction and utilizing eco-friendly materials for flooring, furniture, and opting for more sustainable lighting solutions. This trend ensures energy efficiency, better air quality and reduced exposure to toxic materials.

Japanese meets Scandinavian

Japandi style combines modern Japanese and Scandinavian interior design. This style, which is a minimalist style, offers simplicity and high aesthetic value to your interiors. With the soft hues, a mix of natural materials, clean lines and minimal, well-curated furnishings, it creates a living space that is filled with peace and serenity.

Biophilic design for the nature lovers 

Biophilic means ‘love of living things’ in ancient Greek. It emphasizes how humans have an innate tendency to connect with nature. Thus, the aim of biophilic design is to connect humans with nature. Given that the pandemic has significantly increased our longing for outdoor spaces, it is no wonder that biophilic design is one of the interior design trends of 2021.

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Love for yellow

According to colour therapy, yellow is considered to spread joy, hope and warmth, and thus it is being increasingly suggested by top interior designers to bring some optimism into the living spaces. Yellow can be added to furniture, walls and accent pieces. Yellow works well with other colours, too, especially grey. Here are the best interior design bloggers you should start following today!

Go global with your interiors

 The interior design trend of 2021 captures the aesthetics of global styles, by involving objects, patterns and textures used in different countries across the globe. The global style is indeed a celebration of art and craftsmanship across cultures and beyond boundaries.

Indulge in luxury

Who wouldn’t love to replicate the look and feel of a boutique hotel in their home? But luxury interiors aren’t simply about extravagance and embellishment, they also focus on incorporating comfort and convenience into your space in an authentic way. To incorporate this interior design trend, you can invest in luxury interiors such as leather upholstery, spa-centre in a modern bathroom, boiserie wall decor or soft silk lining fabric. 

Get cosy with cocooning furniture

With the majority of people yearning for more comfort and convenience during uncertain times, cocooning furniture has become one of the most favourite furniture trends of top interior designers. You may invest in cocooning furniture pieces like a cocooning sofa, cocooning accent chair or even a cocooning banquette in the kitchen.

Getting creative with storage

Well, if you had invested in a snug, compact house, but not finding enough space for storage now, this interior design trend of 2021 has got you covered! This trend offers creative, inventive ways to store things while enhancing the character of your home. You can incorporate this cool trend into your interiors by investing in shelf dividers, fold-down desks, peg-board walls.

Here are other interior design trends that are worth exploring:

  1. Bloomsbury style
  2. Rustic vogue
  3. Using the primary palette 
  4. Sage green kitchens 
  5. Checks and stripes 
  6. Vintage style 
  7. Using wooden slats 
  8. Incorporating natural materials
  9. Bringing textures 
  10. Provence style
  11. Using houseplants 

Now that you have explored the interior design trends of 2021, start experimenting with the designs that fit your personality and the character of your home the most, to add colour and zeal to your lives and to awe your guests on their next visit to your home!

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